Iranian Badami Pistachio Nuts

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Iranian Badami Pistachio

Iranian Badami Pistachio Nuts

Iranian Badami pistachio nuts are one of the long varieties of pistachios. Badami variety is not that known in the export and import market.

Badami pistachio nuts supply center in Iran is Khorasan Razavi province.
First-class Iranian Badami pistachio nuts are producing in the Feyzabad Mahwalat area.

White pistachio is another name for this type of pistachio in the Iranian dried fruit and pistachio market.
The price of this type of pistachio is cheaper than other types of pistachios, including Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari.

Badami Pistachio Production Center

Badami Pistachio Production Center

Badami pistachio is one of the most important types of pistachios producing in Khorasan Razavi province.
The main center for planting and producing Badami pistachios in the Feyzabad region is Mahwalat.

Badami pistachio, also known as white-skin pistachio, is in the category of long pistachios.

Pistachios that fall into this category are:

Akbari | Ahmad Aghaei | Badami

Iranian Badami pistachios are cheaper than other types of long pistachios.

Badami pistachios are producing by farmers in the orchards of Khorasan province, especially in the Mahwalat region.
This type of pistachio, along with Fandoghi pistachios produced in Bardaskan and Kaleghouchi pistachios in the Sabzevar region, is known as Khorasan Razavi pistachio products.
Many orchards have been created in this province in recent years.

Many activists in the field of pistachio nuts believe that in the next few years, Khorasan will be the center of pistachio production.
The number of pistachio recording units and active processing factories under construction also indicates this issue.

Supply of High-Quality Badami Pistachios

High-Quality Badami Pistachios

Badami pistachios are supplying from Khorasan Razavi province.
As you are aware, most of Iran’s pistachio products are using for export.

Badami pistachio is also one of the types of pistachios that is very popular for export.
The main reason for this is reasonable and also the cheap price of this product in comparison with other pistachios.

One of the companies supplying Badami pistachios in Khorasan province is the Artin Pistachio Company.
In this collection, Badami pistachios in different sizes and specific parameters are mainly producing and processing.

The most important features of Badami pistachios for wholesale purchase are as follows:

  1. Pistachio size (ounce)
  2. Percentage of close-mouth
  3. Percentage of slightly-open
  4. Taste and freshness
  5. Good appearance
  6. Moisture level (especially at the beginning of the season)
  7. Suitable packaging

All these features have a direct impact on determining the quality and supply price of Badami pistachios.
If you want to buy this type, after determining the above parameters, you can receive the daily price of the product from the Artin sales unit.

Iranian Badami Pistachio Nuts for Export/Import

Iranian Badami Pistachio

As mentioned in the previous sections, a large volume of Iranian pistachios is sending for supply in world markets.
Iranian Badami pistachio is also exporting to different countries.
The main buyers of Iranian Badami pistachios, raw or salted, are:

  • Pakistan
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Uzbekistan
  • India

Badami pistachio exports mostly ship raw to Pakistan and India.
This type of pistachio has buyers both in raw and in salt form in these markets.

But in the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, and the CIS countries, most of the exports go to salted pistachios.
Salted pistachios exported to these countries are often processed with a high percentage of salt and lemon essence.

Due to the fact that the production center of this type of pistachio is in Khorasan province, a large volume of its exports is through this province.
Mashhad Customs does most of the work regarding sealing and exporting Iranian Badami pistachio nuts and kernels.
One of the important parameters in exports is the export packaging of pistachios.
This should be done according to the target market and customer needs and with high accuracy.

Price of Badami Pistachios

Price of Badami Pistachios

The price of pistachios in Iran is dependent on the exchange rate.
The main reason for this is the export of this agricultural product from Iran.

The Usd and Euro prices of Iranian pistachios in world markets usually do not change much in a few years.
But unfortunately in the Iranian market, the exchange rate of the Usd to IRR fluctuates sharply in some periods.
These price changes cause the sales volume to decrease sharply.

In addition to all these issues, the volume of pistachio production in the region and also the amount of supply and demand affect the price of the product in Rials.
After all this, the price debate revolves around quality and measurement parameters.
You can contact the Artin sales unit to receive the daily price of first-class Badami pistachios at competitive prices.

We hope to start a long-term cooperation with you.
Also, for faster communication with one of the experts in the sales unit, you can click on the image below.

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