Iranian Barberries – Berberis Vulgaris Dried Fruit – Zereshk

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Iranian Barberries

Iranian Barberries – Berberis Vulgaris Dried Fruit – Zereshk

Iranian Barberries have perfect markets especially when they are organic Berberis Vulgaris dried fruit. The Artin Co. is a Zereshk Supplier.

The Artin Barberry company is the producer, supplier, exporter, and wholesaler of Iranian barberries of different quality and varieties.
Both regular and organic Berberis Vulgaris fruits are available in this company. Artin barberry orchards located in South Khorasan province of Iran producing red seedless Iranian barberries.

Artin Barberry

This article addresses the following topics:

  • How old the barberry production is in Iran?
  • Other names of barberry in international and domestic markets
  • Ornamental species of barberry
  • Problems of barberry farmers and gardeners
  • Iranian red barberries production problems in South Khorasan
  • Qa’en Berberis Vulgaris fruits harvesting
  • Major consumptions of barberry
  • Iranian dried barberry fruits sale
  • The wholesale price of barberry
  • Export of Iranian barberry 
  • Strange price reduction in 2020
  • Barberry online sales
  • Mashhad city barberry wholesale market in Iran
  • Wholesale of Iranian barberries in the world market by the Artin company
  • Benefits of buying barberry from Artin barberry factory and company
  • The price difference of Puffy (Pofaki) and Pomegranate Seed (Anari) barberries
  • How to export barberries from Iran?

But in short, our purpose here is the subject of Iranian Barberries and we will deal with the following main topics.

  1. Iranian Berberis Vulgaris Fruits: Production – Harvesting – Drying – Storage
  2. Parameters affecting the price of barberry fruits
  3. Iranian barberry varieties for wholesale
  4. Importing/Exporting Persian Zereshk (red barberry)

Now, before we talk about it, let’s talk about barberry.

Barberry fruit and its cultivation

Barberry fruit cultivation

Considering that more than 90% of the area under barberry cultivation is in South Khorasan (although this figure is much lower than the statistics of the Jihad Agricultural Organization of the province); Barberry cultivation is one of the best options in the cultivation pattern of the region.

Examining the ratio of the cultivated area of ​​each farmer with the comparative advantages of this crop in the region, especially the creation of seasonal employment, shows that barberry along with saffron can become a major factor in economic growth in Khorasan.
Barberry and saffron are important and strategic agricultural products in Khorasan.
These two products have turned the cities of Qa’en, Birjand, and Ariyanshahr into important centers of their cultivation.
Numerous parameters such as small ownership, water shortage, abundant labor, and climatic and experimental knowledge cause barberry and saffron to find their true place in these areas.

In the current economic situation, due to the different conditions and the analysis that we are facing, the biggest losses of scattered crops in the country and the instability of prices are due to the financial situation of smallholders.
In order to maintain employment with barberry and saffron in Khorasan and achieve job security in this field, continuous measures and planning of the agricultural sector are necessary.
It is clear that if for any reason the cultivation of barberry and saffron in Khorasan falls and farmers lose their jobs, the economy of these areas will face serious problems.

Barberry Employment

Barberry Employment

The widespread use of saffron and barberries in the food and pharmaceutical industries and the monopoly of their cultivation in South Khorasan make South Khorasan shine like golden regions in the geography of Iran.
But water shortage and exclusive irrigation methods are the most important factors limiting agriculture in South Khorasan.
The low water requirement of barberry tree and saffrons in comparison with other agricultural products causes the maintenance of the position of barberry and saffron in the region. And causes more land to cultivate with these two valuable crops.

One of the important issues in saffron and barberry cultivation is the employment situation in the Khorasan region.
Creating employment, especially in the cities of South Khorasan, is one of the important concerns of the officials. This is more important when a certain area of ​​agricultural land creates seasonal employment for a significant number of people.
Meanwhile, after the production of barberry and saffron, there is still a lot of potential for employment in the field of maintenance and distribution of these products and other fields. This is especially important because in the event of any losses and economic decline in the region, the villagers will turn to the cities and we will face a wave of unplanned migration.

How old the barberry production is in Iran?

barberry production in Iran

Barberry is said to date back to the Eocene.
The Eocene period dates back to 33.9 million to 56 million years ago. Therefore, the barberry bush has grown wild in different parts of Iran in the past.
It seems that the properties of barberry (barberry benefits) have long been known among the Iranian people.
Below you can see the Iranian barberries fruits ingredients (Nutrition Facts):

Barberry Nutrition Facts

Barberry species are either edible or ornamental. Sometimes they are decorative-edible.
The Berberis Vulgaris is one of the edible species, which the red barberry is in the same family with it. This species is mainly cultivating in Qa’en city and in general in the South Khorasan region.

South Khorasan has no special seller of barberries available and there are producers and brokers as the sellers.

Other Names of Barberry in International and Domestic Markets

Iranian Barberries names

Let us only the names of this product on this topic and section.
Obviously, there is a lot to talk about each name and you can read more articles about Iranian barberries on the Artin website.

  • Persian names (Main name: Zereshk): Sereshk, Dareshk, Zarej, Zerach, Zarak, Zeresk, Zereng, Zeretk, Zaj, Zerik, Atrar
    سرشک، دارشک، زارج، زراچ، زرک، زرسک، زرنگ، زرتک، بروزن زرشک، زاج، زریک، اترار، زراک، زرشک
  • Arabic names: Alzereshk, Berberis
    عود الریح، عود الصلیب، زنبل، زنبر، هروک
  • Greek: Ambarbaris
  • French: Vinegrette, Epine Vinegrette, Vinettier
  • English: Barberry
  • Scientific name: Berberis Vulgaris from the family of Berberidaceae

Ornamental Species of Barberry

Ornamental Species of Barberry

Some of these barberry species that are using in the parks and in the preparation of garden hedges are:

    • Buxifolia – B.buxifolia
    • Berberis darwinii
    • Fortunei
    • Stenophylla
    • Stapfiana
    • Berberis Thunbergii
    • Berberis vulgaris

Problems of barberry farmers and gardeners

barberry farmers gardeners

Agriculture and horticulture is a very difficult and uncertain profession, especially in South Khorasan, which is harsh and dry in terms of climate.
Because with the cruelty of the weather, their one-year achievement may be ruined. And since this is usually the only source of livelihood for farmers, their lives will be difficult.
mong these unfavorable conditions, the following factors can be mentioned

    • Untimely cold in spring and autumn and frost on trees or ready-to-harvest crops
    • Extreme summer heat and no rain or drought
    • Agricultural and horticultural pests

You must add the possibility of a sudden fall in the price of some agricultural products to these climatic conditions.
Unfortunately, this story usually repeats every year for the product. In 2018, for example, this happened for the garlic, so that some farmers opened their warehouses so that they could only get rid of products that had no value.

Agricultural insurance may be a good way to ensure that farmers and gardeners can work safely. But unfortunately, insurance in Iran only covers a small part.

Iranian Red Barberries Production Problems in Iran

Iranian Red Barberries

We said all this to address the problems of barberry gardeners in South Khorasan and in particular the city of Qa’en.
In addition to the production problems mentioned above, there are additional problems for barberry growers, including the lack of a suitable warehouse for drying fresh barberry. As a result, the farmer is forced to sell fresh barberry at a lower price than the value of the crop.

Another problem is the lack of suitable factories and workshops for processing barberry. Because barberry fruit is selling raw.
If the barberry fruit becomes products such as barberry jam and barberry concentrate, in addition to easier storage, the final product will be more attractive in global markets.

Iranian Berberis Vulgaris Fruits Harvesting

Iranian Berberis Vulgaris Fruits

The color of barberry fruit starts to turn red in late summer and is ready for harvesting in late October.
Harvesting barberry in Iran usually takes 2 months. Both fresh and dried barberries have their own markets so that some farmers sell their products as fresh fruits in this season.
The use of dried varieties of red barberry fruits in Iran is more common than fresh barberry.

Here is the two methods of harvesting barberry:
  1. They separate fruits from the tree using shaking the trees. In this method, the fruits should place under the sunlight to get dry.
  2. They cut the branches of the barberry trees (Branches that barberry fruits are on them). Then they put these branches in the warehouses until the fruits get dry over time.

Fresh barberry is getting dry using traditional methods for hundreds of years or by industrial and semi-industrial machines.
Of course, the traditional method is still the traditional way to dry barberry under the sunlight or in the shade.

Puffy barberry and pomegranate seed barberry are the results of different methods of sun and shade drying.
The price of puffy shape barberry is higher than the price of pomegranate seed shape barberries. Therefore, in the discussion of wholesale of Iranian barberry, we have two types of barberry:
Sale of puffy shape barberries and sale of pomegranate seed shape barberries.

Major Consumption of Barberry

When Iranians hear the word Zereshk, they remember their favorite food, Zereshkpolo with chicken, which has become one of the decorative foods on Iranian tables at banquets.

Consumption of Barberry

The color and aroma of saffron, along with the beautiful color of barberry and the aroma and flavor of northern rice, create a great and pleasant package that no one can miss.
But apart from Zereshk Polo, there are many foods in which barberry has a complementary and decorative role. Many salads, jams, and other foods need a pleasant red-barberry flavor and color.

Medicinal Uses of Barberry

Medicinal Uses of Barberry

Barberry has been used as a flavor in Iranian food since ancient times, and barberry juice was one of the main drinks to quench thirst in the hot seasons.
In addition to its oral uses, barberry is using in the preparation of many health products and medicines. The soothing properties of barberry are using in many painkillers and are using in some medicines to cleanse the blood and other internal organs.
One of the medicinal uses of barberry fruits is very important and it is the role of barberry in cleansing the liver, which is an essential organ in maintaining the health of the body.

In traditional Iranian medicine, the healing properties of barberry are obvious to physicians and doctors used it to treat many of the following diseases:

  • Anemia
  • Diarrhea
  • Diabetes
  • Vasoconstriction
  • Indigestion
  • Poisoning
  • Liver and bile problems
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Poor blood flow
  • Pain and restlessness

Barberry contains a kind of antibiotic that is effective in destroying microscopic pathogenic particles.
Another point to consider about barberry is that not only barberry fruit has many healing properties, but all components of the barberry shrub contain excellent ingredients to cure many diseases.

Common consumption of Iranian barberries in the domestic market of Iran

Iranian barberries consumption

Barberry is a unique product. Because it is producing only in Iran. Considering the production of thousands of tons of barberry in Iran, the amount of barberry exports is very small.
In fact, it can be concluded that most of the barberry produced in Iran is consumed in the domestic market of Iran.
Among the domestic consumers of barberry, we can refer to the following list.

  • Barberry consumption in restaurants
  • Barberry consumption in Catering
  • Consumption of barberry in mosques and for votive affairs – especially during Muharram and Ramadan
  • Consume barberry for home ceremonies and parties such as weddings, mourning, and vows
  • Consumption of barberry for home consumption – Per capita consumption of barberry is not high.

Iranian Barberries Purchase

Iranian Barberries Purchase

To buy Iranian Berberis Vulgaris fruit, if there is enough time, energy, and money, you can go to the barberry production centers and buy the barberry directly from the producers, who have access to both various qualities and different prices.
But in case of distance and lack of facilities, you can refer to reputable websites in the field of buying and selling Iranian barberries.
Then contacting the agents of these websites will minimize the process of buying barberry. And by purchasing non-in-person at the website office, it will provide the necessary security for exchanges of money.
Artin Barberry Company besides producing and selling its products Ex-Work; is a supplier and exporter of Berberis Vulgaris fruits.

The Wholesale of Persian Zereshk

Wholesale of Persian Zereshk

Barberry, Unlike other fruits that the fresh fruit of which is usually better known, the dried fruit of it is more prominent in Iran’s food culture. It can even be said that it is almost impossible to use fresh barberry fruit as a fruit. Because it is really sour.

Barberry fruit along with saffron gives your food a special taste and smell. Iranian rice with barberry and saffron is very beautiful and charming.
Unfortunately, the monopoly of saffron has been taken out of Iran. We hope this unbelievable event does not happen for dried barberry.

At present, it is Iran that mainly produces barberries for consumption in the world and Iran.
Statistics show that more than ninety-five percent of the world’s barberry is producing in Iran.
Therefore, If you want to buy or import Iranian barberries, you can find the most affordable prices in Iran.

The Wholesale Price of Barberry

Wholesale Price of Barberry

The wholesale price of barberry fluctuates because of the many parameters that we discuss in this article and many other articles.
The price of barberry in the production centers is different from the price of barberry in wholesale markets.
This price in production centers is about %5 to %10 lower than wholesale markets in Iran.

Iranian Barberries Export/Import

Iranian Barberries Export Import

Fiscal policy is one of the most important economic issues in the field of macroeconomic policies of different countries.
Export is one of these issues that can play a key role in raising the economic level of the country and can be very effective in improving people’s livelihoods and job creation.

The export of agricultural products, like many other economic sectors, is subject to the laws of supply and demand and is completely dependent on various foreign markets.
In fact, the barberry importer’s demand in other countries creates more barberry production domestically.
It is in this context that injecting demand into foreign markets becomes one of the most important measures for successful exports.

Physical resources, including minerals, climate, and natural resources in Iran create a great capacity to monopolize global markets in relation to various products.
Iran has a wider physical space in comparison with many other countries. And this causes different talents in various products, of which saffron and barberry are undoubtedly the most important.
But until the global markets are not well acquainted with the characteristics of these valuable products and there is no need to buy these products in them, the export skeleton of these two products will falter.

Investing in barberries for export/import

Investing in barberries

It is very important to have long-term and short-term plans to introduce barberry and saffron to world markets. And also to promote all their food and medicine uses in attracting importers and turning their attention to this part of the world geography.
Internally, this political-economic process is the responsibility of the government, officials, investors, experienced businessmen, and entrepreneurs who work hand in hand and each takes responsibility for some of these complex and groundbreaking policies, the entrepreneurs who always think about new business opportunities and.

They can count on the production, introduction, and export of barberry and saffron. And with this approach, create employment inside and provide more services to barberry and saffron customers. This way they can achieve higher financial and spiritual benefits.
Managers and investors are always looking for an opportunity to adopt the best investment plans. They are always faced with multiple choices.
The most important challenge facing investors is the rate of return on investment projects.
Certainly, a project that costs more than it pays off is not acceptable and the resources should be used elsewhere.

Why barberry is an export product of Khorasan?

export barberry

However, the weather and climatic conditions of Khorasan for the optimal cultivation of edible varieties of Berberis Vulgaris and saffron and the lack of sufficient knowledge of the world markets about these two products, especially barberry, prove that investing in these two products in all stages of cultivation, harvesting, storage, and export can Count on discovering countless capacities and be very profitable and open the door to new opportunities and possibilities.

How to export barberries from Iran?

Iranian dried red barberries have the potential for exporting to other countries.
The quality of Persian Zereshk to export is usually dependent on the destination country’s consumption. And consequently, the selling price of this barberry is dependent on its quality.
Contact us for the latest status of barberry export purchase prices. The daily selling price of barberry is constantly updated on our company.
By clicking on the image below, you can make a direct phone call to our sales manager to get more information:

Strange Barberry Price Reduction in 2020

Strange Barberry Price Reduction

In 2020, the price of barberry, like other agricultural products, fell to a minimum, due to the spread of the epidemic of Covid 19, which has affected all socio-economic pillars of the world.
The economic shock of the coronavirus outbreak in the first two months of 2020 led to a drop in sales of many goods and a boom in many businesses, as well as limiting Iran’s exports to other countries.
While statistics show that more than half of the country’s income comes from regional communications and commercial passages, Iran’s neighbors closed their borders with Iran with the onset of the coronavirus outbreak in Iran. In fact, the social distancing and quarantine scheme reduced the demand for many products, including barberry, and as a result, the price of barberry fell.

This is a global issue and it involves many economic fields and causes great losses to the body and many domestic and foreign industries.
And surprisingly, at the beginning of 2020, this price drop was to the point that the price of puffy barberry dropped to about 2 USD/Kg.

Barberry online sales

Barberry online sales

In today’s world, buying and selling barberries online is an approved and an accepted thing that does not have many difficulties of direct purchase and is therefore very popular.

Of course, in barberry online shopping, it is usually preferable to buy barberry in a package. Buyers can refer to the online stores and barberry sales websites active in this regard if they want to save time at the time of purchase and gain extensive knowledge about the product and the different possibilities of buying and comparing prices.

Let us name some of the B2C websites active in Iran (Selling barberries online):

  • Digikala Online Store
  • Okala Online Store
  • Online Fan Easy Supermarket
  • Radikala online supermarket
  • Tehran Internet Hypermarket
  • Biar online store
  • Chehelso Online Store
  • Citizen online store
  • Dosout online store
  • The Ferestu online store
  • Online supermarket Tzool
  • Miso Market online store
  • Final Internet Food Supermarket
  • Single basket online store
  • Online hypermarket supermarket
  • JANBO Online Store
  • Madise Internet Supermarket

Other websites that buy and sell barberry in Iran and place ads of barberry buyers and sellers on their websites can be referred to the following list:

  1. Divar C2C website
  2. Irantejarat B2B and B2C website
  3. Sheypoor C2C website

Of course, in the bulk purchase of Iranian barberries, it is better for the major buyers to check the Artin website and then refer to the Artin companies head office in Mashhad to complete the purchase and sign the contract.

In fact, The Artin Company can supply you with its various barberry products wherever you are.
Click on the image below to message us on WhatsApp:

Mashhad City Barberry Wholesale Market in Iran

Barberry Wholesale Market

One of the main centers of trade and purchase and sale of barberry is Mashhad, Khorasan, Iran. In fact, Mashhad is where most of the barberry brokers have shops and stores.

In Mashhad wholesale markets, many merchants and shopkeepers, whose origins usually reach South Khorasan, are active in products such as saffron, jujube, and barberry.

Many farmers who have been acquainted with Mashhad businessmen over the years use their help to sell their barberry.
That’s the point. In fact, Mashhad is not the origin of Iranian barberries. Mashhad is the place that most of the sellers located and works there.

Artin Barberry Supplier, Wholesaler, and Exporter

Artin Barberry Supplier Exporter Wholesaler

In Iran, there are few factories, manufacturers, and companies that specialize in barberry and its products. Artin company with Artin brand is specialized in barberry supply, export, packaging, importing, and producing its products. In this Artin collection, barberry and its products are selling as follows.

  • Puffy shape barberry fruits (Pofaki Zereshk)
  • Pomegranate Seed shape barberry (Anari Zereshk)
  • Black barberry (Black and Wild Berberis Vulgaris Fruit)
  • Barberry jam
  • Squeezed Red Barberries (Only use to produce fruit rolls)
  • Barberry concentrate
  • Fresh barberry with and without branches in the barberry harvest season, which is autumn
  • Fresh frozen barberries

There are 3 different qualities producing in Artin barberry factory:

  1. Regular barberries. (Pesticides are not tested)
  2. Healthy Barberry. (Pesticides are less than 0.05 mg/kg)
  3. Organic Barberry. (Pesticides are less than 0.01 mg/kg)

Artin Barberry Production Advantages

Artin Barberry Production

The advantages of buying barberry from Artin company include the following:

    • Specialized sale of barberry product
    • We help customers and provide the necessary advice and guidance in order to buy barberries that meets their requirements.
    • Providing various types of barberries
    • Various qualities based on hygienic standards
    • Years of experience in exporting barberries to other countries
    • Clearance services in Iran and delivery terms based on 2020’s incoterms
    • DDP delivery term in some countries
    • Special packaging with a long time shelf life
    • High volume supply capacity per month
    • Color sorting and sorting by size according to the customer’s order
    • Affordable prices because of its high volume production
    • Having offices inside and outside Iran

The price difference of Puffy (Pofaki) and Pomegranate Seed (Anari) barberries

price Puffy Pomegranate Seed barberries

Price is a word that is at the forefront of Internet search terms in all businesses and all kinds of buying and selling products and in our daily life experience.
What is the current price of good-quality barberry? Are we facing a drop in the price of barberry or an unreasonable increase in its price?

The price of barberry, like most crops, fluctuates a lot in the current controversial situation, which seems inevitable.
High-quality barberry with large size and bright red color, which is usually using in important domestic banquets or for export, has a higher price, which includes puffy barberry and pomegranate seed barberry.

Obviously, when you are buying barberry in bulk, you receive better prices in comparison with small packaging.
Certainly, the barberry in markets close to the place of production of barberry, ie in the markets of South Khorasan, Iran, and also Mashhad, is much cheaper than its price in the markets of Tehran and other parts of Iran or other countries.

When you are buying Iranian barberries, You need to know these arrangements of price:

  1. The price of Puffy shape barberries is higher than pomegranate seed shape barberries
  2. Healthy barberry has a higher price than regular barberry
  3. Obviously, organic barberries have higher prices than healthy barberries

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