Iranian Classy Pistachios for Iraq

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Pistachios for Iraq

Iranian Classy Pistachios for Iraq

Iranian Classy Pistachios for Iraq are Akbari and Ahmadaghaei (Long Pistachios). But how much is the price? is there different qualities of each type?

Iraqi Kurdistan in particular is one of the main buyers of pistachios, including Akbari and Ahmad Aghaei.

Of course, competitive prices are very important for Iraqi traders and buyers. That’s the reason why we have different qualities to export pistachios for Iraq.

Iranian Pistachio Varieties for Iraq

Pistachios for Iraq

Iraq, as Iran’s neighbor, has many trade and non-trade relations with Iran.

Iranian pistachios have their own customers in different Iraqi markets, but depending on the region, the type of pistachio purchases and its quality is different.

For example, the Iraqi Kurdistan region is more interested in pistachios.

Akbari and Ahmad Aghaei pistachios with large size (low ounce) have the highest sales in this region of Iraq.

Pistachios send to areas where quality is very important are often first-class smiling natural pistachios.
But in some parts of the country, cheaper pistachios are popular.

For this reason, more Class B pistachios send. These types of pistachios are a combination of natural open pistachios and mechanical opens.

The orders of Iraqi customers and traders are often high and there is no particular problem in transferring money from Iraq to Iran.

Wholesale Center of Iranian Pistachios for Iraq

Pistachios for Iraq

As you are aware, the main centers of Iranian pistachio production relates to the following provinces:

  1. Kerman
  2. Khorasan Razavi
  3. Yazd
  4. Semnan

The highest area under cultivation of pistachios is in the above provinces.

In this regard, pistachio buyers for Iraq are trying to communicate directly with pistachio recording terminals and factories operating in these provinces.

Of course, some types of pistachios relates to certain regions of Iran, although they also produce in other regions, but their production pole is different from other types.

In other words, it can be said that the main pistachio production center of Ahmad Aghaei is in Rafsanjan city in Kerman province, while the center of pistachio production of Koleghoochi is Sabzevar city in Khorasan Razavi province.

Artin Commercial Production Factory is one of the activists in the field of pistachio processing and export in Iran.

With active offices in Mashhad and Rafsanjan, this group is ready to sign contracts and send all kinds of Iranian pistachios for export to all parts of the world.

Iranian Pistachio Nuts Price for Iraq

Pistachios for Iraq

There are various factors and parameters in determining the daily price of pistachios, the most important of which are as follows:

  1. Pistachio chosen type (Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Koleghoochi, Hazelnut, Almond, etc.)
  2. Natural Open or Mechanical Open (Calls “Abkhandan” in Persian)
  3. Raw or roasted pistachios
  4. Pistachio size
  5. Percentage of Open-Mouth
  6. Percentage of Slightly-Open mouth
  7. Type of packaging (carton or bag)
  8. Delivery place and port
  9. The price of the dollar (USD exchange rate)
  10. Market supply and demand conditions

All of these are effective in determining the cost of the product and should be carefully considered.
In fact, These parameters should evaluate at the time of purchase.

First, the target market must precisely identify and according to that market and determining the purchase volume, the price determines.

You can contact the sales department to receive the current price of Artin products.

Roasting, Packaging and Export Pistachios for Iraq

Pistachios for Iraq

The next question that arises is whether the pistachios exported to Iraq are raw or roasted?

To get the answer to this question still depends on the market of the destination city in Iraq.
But if we want to say in general, the volume of exported roasted pistachios from Iran to Iraq is more than raw pistachios.

Usually, among the various Iranian pistachio roasting types, saffron roasting has more fans in Iraq.

Packaging for raw pistachios is often 50 kg bags, but for roasted pistachios, cartons must use.

In most cases, the cartons weigh 5 to 10  kg and are sent to Iraq.

The route from Iran to Iraq is also land and according to the destination city in Iraq, the exit route of the truck from the border is determined.

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