Iranian Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels Export to Germany

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Pistachio Kernels Export to Germany

Iranian Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels Export to Germany

Iranian Green Pistachio Kernels export to Germany in high quantity each year with high profit for importers. There are not so many suppliers in Iran for these kernels.

Germany is the main market for Iranian Green Pistachio Kernels. In fact, Germany is not only a consumption market for these kernels, but also it’s a wholesale center in Europe.

Iran green pistachio kernels classify based on the green color in different grades. It means, the better qualities have greener colors.
Given that these products are free of aflatoxin fungi, they have a large sales volume in Japan and Germany.

Iranian Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels Export/Import

Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels

Industrial and developed countries, which along with industry have been engaged in the production of agricultural products, have always tried to make maximum use of the agricultural product produced in their country, by producing side products from agricultural products and selling to others Countries indeed.

For several years, Iran is in this field and is able to take positive steps in the field of monetization by producing some pistachio products.
Green peeled pistachio kernel is one of the ideal goods for export from Iran to many countries consuming this product such as Germany.

Japan is one another of the main buyers for the export quality of Iranian pistachio kernels.
Given that Japan is sensitive on the quality of foodstuffs in its society, it always buys completely healthy products even at a higher price and offers them to consumers.

Green peeled pistachio kernels are using for export to Japan because they are completely healthy and of high quality.

Besides Japan, Germany is another buyer. Germany is not only a consumption market, But also a wholesale center to distribute these products in the whole markets of Europe.

Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels in Germany

Pistachio Kernels in Germany

The German market is one of the main centers for the import of Iranian green peeled pistachio kernels (Also known as Double-skinned pistachio kernels).
In the German market, both complete shape and granulated grades of these pistachio kernel purchase.

Of course, the most important issue in exporting pistachio kernels to Germany is compliance with the product’s health standards.
In this regard, the producers of green peeled pistachio kernels in Iran, try to fully comply with health instructions during the production and packaging of this product.

The packaging using by most double-skinned pistachio kernel exporters is 10 or 12.5 kg cartons.
Before placing in the carton, the pistachio kernels first vacuum to reach the destination country without changing state.

Also, vacuum packaging performs with nitrogen gas to ensure the durability of the product for long-term storage without any worries.
The volume of purchase and export of pistachio kernels to Germany depends on the buyer or importer of this product.

Since this product involves a lot of capital, most buyers try to buy the product as much as they need for a few months.
Some customers receive their products in less than 2 tons by airlines.
Some more powerful buyers in Germany, order their desired product in different grades up to 10 tons.

Pistachio Green Kernels Price

Pistachio Green Kernels Price

The daily price of green pistachio kernel is very closely related to the price of Euro in the open market.

As one of the main destination markets for peeled pistachio kernels are European countries, the prices of these products announce in euros by production units and factories.

As you know, this type of pistachio kernel classifies into different grades.
The main criterion for grading the peeled pistachio kernel is the greenness of the kernel. Which traditionally sorted by hand.

But in recent years, using laser color separation devices (Color Sort machinery) this operation performs more accurately.
Due to the conditions and fluctuations in currency prices, the best way to get the price of various types of these pistachio kernels today is to establish a telephone connection with the sales and export unit of the factories producing these products.

Artin Production Factory is one of the exporting units of double-skinned pistachio kernels.

Call us nowThe highest export of peeled pistachio kernels is to the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Japan
  • China
  • South Korea
  • Italy
  • France

In most of the above countries, observing health issues is one of the most important parameters for buying pistachio kernels.

Pistachio Kernels Online Supply

Pistachio Kernels Online Supply

It is correct that high volume of green peeled pistachio kernels export to Germany, But if you want to establish such a business, you need to fine a perfect supplier.

There are several ways to buy bulk pistachio kernels.
The main way to buy these products is to contact the factories that produce pistachio kernels and buy the product in Iran.
But another major purchase method is to buy the product in the desired volume in the destination country.

In other words, other difficulties related to customs and transportation to the destination country are the responsibility of the seller of the product.
Of course, with this method of purchase, the cost of the product in that country will be higher.

There are different ways to buy and import pistachio kernels in bulk. Which according to the destination country, you can contact the sales and trade unit of Artin production company.

Here, you can easily make direct contact with our export manager in WhatsApp by clicking on the below image:

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