Iranian Green Pistachio Kernel for Sale

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Green Pistachio Kernel

Iranian Green Pistachio Kernel for Sale

The following is a review of the Iranian green pistachio kernel in different varieties and its characteristics. The supply of green pistachio kernel is mostly for confectionery and export to European countries and other countries for sale of this product for many uses.

We have different types of Iranian green pistachio kernels in the market. Some countries need peeled kernels such as most European countries and some needs not peeled types for bakery such as Turkey.

Green pistachio is generally referred to the pistachio kernel whose inner mantle is green.

Below we will give you information about the variety of this product and its important parameters in price.

Green Pistachio Kernel

In short, the following are all known as green pistachio kernels:

  1. Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels.
  2. Wild Pistachios Kernels (Turkey Green Pistachios Kernels)
  3. Unripe Pistachios Kernels (Kal Pistachios Kernels)

Iranian Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels

This type of pistachio kernel has the highest price of green pistachio kernels among the named varieties.
This product sorts based on the green color of its skin.
In fact, this green pistachio kernel produces during the following process:

  1. Pistachios harvest in the form of unripe from the orchards, which are called “Kalak” pistachios in Persian.
  2. This Kalak pistachio then converts into pistachio kernel using cracking machines.
  3. Next, these pistachio kernels are boiled to remove the thin skin on them.
  4. After the peeling process, the output of the pistachio kernel sorts by laser color sorter or by hand.

Peeling Green Pistachios

The more pistachio kernels the greens are, the higher their quality, easier selling and higher demand
Obviously, The price of peeled pistachio kernels are much higher than other varieties.

Also during the production process, some kernels are split into two or four parts and sometimes more. These chopped green kernels are also divided into two different grades of green and yellow chopped kernels.

Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels

Wild Pistachio Kernels

This product is one of the lesser known varieties of Iranian pistachio kernel that is producing in Khorasan.
The price of this green pistachio kernel is cheaper than the normal green kernels, but more than the typical purple skin kernels.

Wild pistachio kernel is very similar to turkey pistachio, so it is well known in Turkish market.

The use of wild green pistachio kernels is more for the production of baked goods and sweets and does not consume nuts.
Some of the main features of the Iranian wild green pistachio kernels:

  • It is much smaller than ordinary green pistachio nuts.
    This type of pistachio kernel has about one-third and even a quarter of the typical pistachio kernel size.
  • Available in two types (Purple Skin and White Skin).
  • The mantle of these pistachio kernels are very green and have no white or yellow at all.
  • This crop is harvested from its forests in Khorasan province, on the border with Turkmenistan and Afghanistan.
  • The wild pistachio forests have a low crop volume and are therefore not well known.
  • Oil of This type of kernel is high and is excellent for oiling.

These features and many other reasons have led to this product being used for the production of Sohan, Baklava and Turkish Delights.
Turkey is one of the most important buyers of wild pistachio kernels.

Wild Pistachio Kernel

Green Pistachio Kernel (Unripe or Kal)

This product is one of the well known and widely used types in Iran, Europe and Arab market.
In Iran, Kal pistachio Kernel is widely uses in the production of pastry and food.
The export of kal green pistachio kernel to Turkey is also significant from Iran.

This green kernel is producing some steps before peeled kernels

This type of kernel is produced by cracking the Kalak (Unripe) pistachio. The more whiter and thinner the skin is, the darker green and higher quality the mantle is.
The price of unripe green pistachio kernel is determined by the above expression, the less purple skin is better. In fact, the name of the super green pistachio kernel is a type of kernel whose skin color is almost white or milky (not red).

Unripe Pistachio Kernel

At first look, perhaps, it is similar in appearance to that of a wild pistachio kernel. But the wild pistachio kernel is much smaller and its mantle color is dark green.

As mentioned earlier, the domestic market uses the aforementioned varieties of green pistachio kernels to produce sweets. Or sometimes, in some foods and proteins use different green kernels. But it should be noted that the snack use of this product is much less.

But the use of green pistachio kernels in the global markets is much more varied.

Slivered Green Pistachio Kernel

One another product that produces from green pistachios is Slivered Pistachio Kernel.
Slivered Green Pistachio Kernel mostly Uses to decorate foods, Cakes and other confectioneries.
Also, Some Iranian, Arabian and Afghanistan people uses this product to make delicious foods.

The green color of this product is the main point for sale.

Slivered Pistachio Kernel

Green pistachio kernels prices are high for the Iranian domestic market, but are justified in other countries’ food industries. For example, here are a few different markets for this product:

Green pistachio kernel in the European market:

The European market is a vast market for Iranian product sales.
In fact, different European countries have different characteristics and markets for consumption:

  • Italy is a major buyer for all kinds of green peeled pistachio kernels as well as unripe type.
  • Switzerland uses a considerable amount of the green peeled pistachio kernel in the chocolate industry.
  • Spain uses Green kernels in food, and especially peeled pistachio kernels in protein production.
  • Germany as a broadcast market is the major buyer of this product.

Of course, exporting to Europe is not as easy as other countries because it has many health standards.

Every year many shipments of green kernel exported to Europe are returned to Iran due to aflatoxin poisoning.

Aflatoxin is a fungus found in pistachio that, if present in favorable temperature and light conditions, results in the production of a toxin called aflatoxin, which should not exceed a certain level for export to European countries.
Of course, since Switzerland is not in the European Union, export of kernels to it is easier.

Iranian Pistachios

Green pistachio Kernel in Turkish market:

Turkey is a great market for all kinds of pistachio kernels produced in Iran for sale, but one must not forget:

  • Turkey significantly produces pistachios and pistachio kernels.
  • Direct import to the Turkish market from Iran for pistachio is associated with high costs and taxes in Turkey.
  • The more green the pistachio kernels exports to Turkey are, the more buyer they have.
  • The price of Iranian green pistachio kernel is not much higher in Turkey, but the volume of purchases is high.
In fact, the strong and extensive confectionery industry in Turkey has led to high usage of pistachios in Turkey.
Turkey uses Iranian pistachio kernels to produce and decorate all kinds of sweets and food products.

In fact, it should be noted that Turkey has a high import duty on pistachio importing from Iran, which is the reason of the direct and indirect trafficking of pistachios and pistachio kernels from Iran to Turkey.
One of the best products for export to Turkey is wild green pistachio kernel.

Iranian Pistachios

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