Iranian Green Pistachio Powder Wholesale

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Green Pistachio Powder Wholesale

Iranian Green Pistachio Powder Wholesale

Pistachio Powder wholesale for bakery and producing confectionery and ice-cream are the main markets. Iranian Green pistachios use to produce the powder.

Green pistachio powder along with pistachio slices are known as the main product of Iranian pistachios.
These products have the most sales to ice cream and confectionery production units.

Obviously, Price, quality, and the absence of foreign materials are important parameters in the major purchase of these products.
We read more about the quality of Iranian green pistachio powder and its wholesale market.
If you want to buy Iranian green pistachio powder to import from Iran, We advise you to read this article.

Iranian Green Pistachio Powder

Green Pistachio Powder

Pistachio green powder is one of the main and best-selling products in the field of nuts and dried fruits.
Pistachio powder can be prepared from any type of pistachio kernel, but the quality of the powder is directly related to the primary kernel.
In other words, if the pistachio kernel is yellow or low quality, the quality of the pistachio powder will reduce significantly.

Several basic parameters in the production and purchase of bulk pistachio powder should consider by producers and buyers.
First of all, the hard skin of pistachios and other foreign substances should not be in the powder at all.
Because the powder is using as a raw material for all kinds of sweets. And the possibility of damaging the lips and mouth of the consumer is high.

In this regard, some production units in this field, first sort the pistachio kernels with a laser.
After that, they start other stages of processing and grinding pistachio kernels and turning it into a high-quality powder.

The next thing to consider in this regard is the color and taste of pistachio powder.
If high quality and fresh pistachio kernels are used to produce powder, the final product will be approved in terms of taste and color.
But some production units use very weak pistachio kernels to produce the powder to make the final product cheaper.
The cheaper pistachio powder wholesale market is in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and sometimes India.

In the export of green pistachio powder, especially to Canada, Russia, Turkey, and some buyers of India, which are the main buyers of this product, health principles must observe more carefully.

The Green Powder Uses

Green Powder Uses

Green pistachio powder has various uses, but its most common use is in the field of sweets and ice cream.

Pistachio powder, slivers, and slices are three of the main pistachio products that use in decoration or as a raw material for sweets:

  • Sweets
  • Cake
  • Ice cream
  • Turkish Lokum
  • Halva
  • And Also Chocolate

In other countries, this product uses in high volumes.
In India, for example, Diwali is a high volume consumption market of pistachios and a variety of sweets decorated with pistachio products.

When approaching the Diwali ceremony, Indian buyers and traders are present in Iran and buy their desired products such as pistachios, almonds, saffron, and other types of nuts in high volumes.

Pistachio Powder Wholesale Price

Pistachio Powder Wholesale Price

Pistachio powder is not similar in price to pistachios and its kernels.
The main reason is that its price determines according to the kernel that uses, as well as the observance of important health points and the quality of the product.

The most important factors that are effective in determining quality and price are as follows:

  • Primary pistachio kernels
  • Powder color
  • Percentage of foreign matters
  • Good appearance
  • Good taste
  • Freshness
  • Also Packing

Obviously, All of the above factors are very influential in determining the price.
Sometimes in high volume purchases, customers prefer to see the raw pistachio kernel to be comfortable in terms of raw material quality.
Others buy pistachio kernels themselves and leave the task of laser sorting, milling, packaging, and product preparation to production units.

In each of the above situations, prices and costs are different.

For more information and also to have the daily price of different types of pistachio green powder, you can contact the sales unit of the Artin pistachio production company.
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Iranian Green Pistachio Powder Export Market

Green Pistachio Powder

The export market of Iranian pistachio powder is similar to the good domestic market and the sales volume is significant and even better.

The main countries that buy Iranian pistachio green powder are as follows:

  1. Canada
  2. India
  3. Turkey
  4. Russia
  5. Ukraine
  6. Australia
  7. Also Switzerland

Some of these countries have different consumption volumes and types of pistachio powder.
For example, buyers in Canada tend to combine regular pistachio kernels and wild pistachio kernels for a better taste.

In addition to the effect on the taste of pistachio powder, this will also have a good effect on its appearance, although its price will be higher.

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