Iranian Low Price Pistachios for Russia

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Low Price Pistachios for Russia

Iranian Low Price Pistachios for Russia

You see the large quantities of Iranian raw and roasted low price pistachios for Russia and Ukraine. Which varieties of pistachio nuts are better?

Affordable and low price pistachio is one of the most popular products for export from Iran to Russia.
Iranian export-quality pistachios with competitive prices are mainly importing by Iranian or Russian exporters/importers.

Fandoghi (Round), Ahmad Aghaei (Long) and Badami (Long) pistachios have the highest sales in this market.

Iranian Nuts and Dried Fruits for Russia

Nuts for Russia

Trade relations between Iran and Russia have been carried out at a very high volume in recent years.
Various products such as vegetables, nuts, fruits, dried fruits, and other foodstuffs are sending to Russia from Iran.

In the field of nuts and dried fruits, the following products account for a significant volume of Iran’s exports to Russia:

  1. Various types of pistachios (raw and roasted)
  2. Pistachio kernels and its powder
  3. Dried fruits
  4. Various types of dried red barberries (барбарис)
  5. Different types of dates
  6. Various types of raisins

Artin Pistachio company, which is also active in the field of export, offers its products widely only in cases 1, 2, and 4.
In this company, competitive prices are offering in the market due to the activity from orchards and planting to export.

Various types of pistachios and its products such as pistachio kernels, pistachio slices, pistachio powder, and also red-seedless barberries are well known in the Russian market.

These products are mostly sending from the Iranian Astara border to the Russian Astrakhan border.
To export food from Iran to Russia, you need to obtain a plant health certificate or Phytosanitary certificate.

And this certificate is valid in all customs of Russia and cargo is easily cleared.

Low Price Pistachios for Russia

Low Price Pistachios for Russia

One of the best-selling products in the Russian market is Iranian pistachios.
Iranian pistachios have different varieties, the most famous of which are the following:

  • Akbari Pistachio nuts
  • Ahmad Aghaei pistachio nuts
  • Fandoghi pistachio nuts
  • Kalleghouchi Pistachio nuts
  • Badami pistachio nuts

Given that pistachios need a more reasonable price in the Russian market, the two types of Akbari and Koleghoochi have a smaller export volume. In fact, the prices of Akbari and Ahmadaghaei varieties are higher than the Russian markets’ demand.

You can find more affordable prices for Russia when you are buying Ahmadaghaei, Badami, or Fandoghi pistachios.
Even in these 3 categories, you have different quality-classes.

Class A pistachios are pistachios that are 100% naturally open and the percentage of Close-mouth pistachios is standard.
Class C pistachios are pistachios that are 100% mechanically open or water-open.
The production process of these products, which use Close-mouth pistachios, is done using mechanical methods.
Class B pistachios, which are a combination of Natural-Open pistachios with Mechanical-Open. This percentage of combinations announce by customers mostly.

Businesses working with CIS countries prefer to buy Class B and C pistachios because they are often looking for cheaper and low price pistachios for Russia.

A high percentage of these types of pistachios roast by salt with a high percentage of salt and then export to Russia.
This roasting is doing for two reasons.
Firstly, people are more inclined towards salted pistachios.
Secondly, when pistachios roasted, the color difference between Natural-open and Mechanical-open is not that clear.

Raw and Roasted Pistachio Nuts for Russia

Pistachio Nuts for Russia

Major exports of Iranian low price pistachios to Russia are through the two provinces of Kerman and Khorasan.
Fandoghi and Badami’s pistachios are producing professionally and in high volumes in Khorasan Razavi province.

Faizabad, Mehwalat, and Bardaskan regions have the highest harvest of these two crops.
Ahmad Aghaei pistachio production center is also in Rafsanjan, Kerman province, which has the highest harvest and high quality.

Since competitive prices are very important in the Russian market, shipping costs should reduce as much as possible.
For this reason, in exporting pistachios from Iran to Russia, 40′ containers must be sent from Iranian cities to Russia.
Because in high quantities, the final price would be lower.

In other words, whether the buyer buys 7 tons or 22 tons, he must pay a fixed shipping fee for the truck or container.
When the order volume is high, the costs divide by the price of the product and pistachios reach the Russian market at a reasonable price.

For more information in this regard, as well as information about the daily prices of different types of pistachios, you can contact the Artin sales unit.

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