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Iranian Pistachio Kernel Price

Iranian Pistachio Kernel Price | Artin Nuts Center

Iranian Pistachio Kernel Price depends on the variety of kernels and the quality of the product. Artin Nuts Center is an Iranian exporter of pistachios.

What is the price of each kilo of Iranian pistachio kernel in the wholesale market?
This is a question that many brokers and buyers as well as importers are looking for.
In fact, they are searching for the Iranian pistachio kernel price in the wholesale market and domestic market of Iran.

Follow us to get the daily price of different types of pistachio kernels and also to get acquainted with them.

The Varieties of Iranian Pistachio Kernel

Varieties of Iranian Pistachio Kernel

In Iran, pistachios are producing in various types and categories.
Kerman, Khorasan Razavi and Yazd provinces have the highest pistachio production in Iran.

Of course, pistachios in different regions have different qualities according to weather conditions, type of water, and also the graft used.
Variety in pistachios causes double diversity in pistachio kernels.
Because all types of pistachio kernels can be prepared from each type of in-shell pistachios.
The most famous pistachios producing in Iran are:

AkbariAhmad AghaeiKoleghoochiFandoghiBadami

But pistachio kernels have a very wide world. In such a way that different businesses each use one type of pistachio kernel.
The most important and well-known types of Iranian pistachio kernels are:

  • “KUL” or Green Pistachio Kernels
  • Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels
  • Closed-Mouth Pistachio Kernels
  • Opened-Mouth Pistachio Kernels
  • Purple-Skin Pistachio Kernels
  • Halved and Crushed Pistachio Kernels
  • Pistachio Granules
  • Wheat-Shape Pistachio Kernels
  • Also, wild Pistachio Kernels
  • Finally, Pistachio Powder

Each of these products is producing and sorting in different qualities.

Pistachio Kernels Consumptions

Pistachio Kernels Consumptions

Iranian pistachio kernel has a wide variety of uses.
Aside from nuts and retail consumption, pistachio kernels are using as a raw material in many products and foodstuffs.
Among the occupations that consume the most pistachio kernels:

  • Cake and pastry production (Confectioneries)
  • Production of ice-cream
  • Preparing Lokum and Turkish Delights
  • Production of GAZ and Persian SOHAN
  • Production of Baklava
  • Preparation of Halva
  • Meat products (including sausages)
  • Cooking
  • And Also, Preparation of various potions

This multiplicity of applications of pistachio kernel has caused sales to increase day by day.
Obviously, the Iranian pistachio kernel price depends on the type and variety of the kernels required for these consumptions.
Of course, each of these occupations mixes each kilogram of pistachio kernels in a certain proportion with their other ingredients.

The type of pistachio kernel using in each of the factories and workshops is different.
For example, in the preparation of Baklava, Halva, GAZ, and SOHAN a pistachio kernel that is completely green is often using.
For this reason, it is not important to be whole-shape or broken.
Or in the preparation of various ice-creams or sweets, pistachio granules are more common.

These applications and uses in addition to the Iranian market in export markets are also very prosperous.
In some countries that are active in the production of sweets, Iranian pistachio kernels have many buyers.

In general, Iranian nuts, including pistachio and almond kernels, are well known in international markets.

Iranian Pistachio Kernel Price

Iranian Pistachio Kernel Price

What is the Iranian pistachio kernel price for each kilogram in the wholesale market?
This is a question that many producers and consumer groups of pistachio kernels are looking for.
To answer the question, Firstly, the type of pistachio kernel requested must be examined. And secondly, the quantity of purchases is important as well.

It becomes much easier to buy in bulk when you know the type and amount of the order.
Many workshops and factories in pistachio production centers of Iran are active in the production of pistachio kernels.

Artin Pistachio Company

One of these pistachio kernel producing units is Artin Pistachio Kernel Company.
In this collection, different types of pistachio kernels of different qualities are producing for domestic and export markets.
However, in this collection, there is always a minimum amount of all types of pistachio kernels ready for shipment.
But in order for the quality and freshness of the product to be acceptable, there is usually the in-shell pistachio available and at the order of the customers, the cracking process begins at the same time.

One of the great features of this method is the good taste and freshness of pistachio kernels.
Pistachio kernels that have just come out of the hard shells of pistachios are of better quality than products that have been produced for several months.

Since pistachio kernels are using in other food products, their taste is very important.
Good quality is one of the main goals of the Artin production line.

Due to the variety of pistachio kernels as well as different qualities, you can use the following methods to get the price of the day:

  1. Contact one of the experts in the sales unit
  2. Completing the forms available in the consulting and sales section of the Artin site.
  3. Sending messages and communicating in WhatsApp sales consultants
  4. Also, sending an email to the support unit:

Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels

Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels

One of the products that have a high export volume in this field is the pistachio kernel.
This pistachio kernel has the least amount of contamination due to the early harvest of pistachios from the tree.
In other words, the pistachio kernel is one of the healthy products free from any germs and fungi, especially aflatoxins.

The main target market of green pistachio kernels (Peeled Varieties) are from different countries, but most purchases are related to the following:

Germany | Italy | China | South Korea | Japan | Spain

These products are often using in the form of vacuum packages for export.
The price per kilo of peeled pistachio kernels is more expensive than other types of pistachio kernels.
This is due to the numerous and time-consuming processes in the production of this type of pistachio kernel.

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