Iranian Pistachio Kernel Price List

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Pistachio Kernel Price List

Iranian Pistachio Kernel Price List

Iranian Pistachio Kernel have different types, different prices and different qualities. Pistachio Kernel Price List for large quantity in various packages is available in Artin Website.

Each types of Iranian pistachio kernels are intending for export to a specific country.
Iran is one of the three largest pistachio producers in the world. These three countries are America, Iran and Turkey.

In Iran, pistachios are producing in different types.
Most of the pistachio products are Akbari, Kalle Ghuchi, Ahmad Aghaie, Fandaghi and Badami. These are the Persian names of pistachio types and varieties.
When you are buying pistachio kernels, It’s necessary to have the daily pistachio kernel price list. this list and these prices shows you that which quality and which price is better to you.

The same variation in pistachio production makes the pistachio kernel more than twice as diverse.

Iranian Pistachio Kernels Producer

Pistachio Kernel Producer

Pistachio kernel factories are often deploying near orchards for access to bulk pistachios.
That is why most pistachio factories and workshops are located in Kerman and Khorasan.
These centers produce and process high-volume pistachio varieties either by machine or by hand.

As mentioned, the pistachio kernel has a great variety, some of which are as following:

  • Purple Skin Pistachio Kernel
  • Close-Mouth Pistachio Kernel
  • Peeled Pistachio Kernels
  • “Kal” pistachio Kernels (Premature Kernels)
  • Wild pistachio kernel (wild)
  • Green belly Kernels
  • Halved and Broken Pistachio Kernels
  • Tiny Kernels

Each of these items is classifying and categorizing on the basis of coarseness, uniformity, cleanliness, color, etc.

Pistachio Kernels for Export and Import

Pistachio Export Import

The export quality of pistachio kernel must have characteristics and parameters that depend on the destination country.
For example, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Canada usually require an Aflatoxin certificate for customs clearance.

The aflatoxin certificate confirms that the percentage of this fungus is not higher than the global standard.

For this reason, Sometimes, Cracking close mouth pistachios and producing kernels starts after placing the order.
In this method, the percentage of aflatoxin fungi is close to zero and there is no concern about clearance.
But other countries that don’t care about this parameter can also use normal pistachio kernels.

In some countries, such as Iraq and Russia, both cheap pistachio nuts and kernels and also high quality pistachios are of interest.

This is why marketing in the destination country should first focus on the type of use and consumption of pistachio kernels.
Obviously, The pistachio kernel price list depend on the quality and destination country standards.
Then, according to the order, the desired pistachio kernel will produce in factories in this area.

Pistachio Kernel Price List

Pistachio Kernel Price List

Prices of pistachio kernels will determine according to the quality and quantity conditions.
Usually, fresh and uniform loads with a lower cotyledon percentage are more expensive.

If the pistachio kernel harvests premature (Unripe), the price will go up.
But if the pistachio kernel size is smaller, it will be cheaper.
In addition to the type and quality of pistachio kernels, the type of packaging will also affect the price.

There are usually 3 types of bulk packaging for pistachio kernels:

  1. Bag: In this method, pistachio kernels place in bags of different weight ranging from 25 to 60 kg.
  2. Carton: Pistachio kernels place in cartons weighing 10 or 12.5 kg.
  3. Vacuum Carton: The pistachio kernel is first pack into a vacuum-packed plastic and then pack into a carton.

Vacuum packages is necessary when you are buying approved Aflatoxin pistachio kernels.

You can contact Pistachio Sales Managers right now to get the day price of pistachio kernels.

Pistachio kernel export terms and conditions

Pistachio Kernel Export

The way of exporting pistachio kernels is determining by the volume of the order and the coordinates of the destination country.
The airway is often using for volumes of less than 2 tons, but the costs are very high.
But for large volumes up to 10 tons, often if there is a ground route, pistachio kernel loads are sent with a truck.

Of course, shipping costs are often much more affordable for long distances.
In some climates, the product needs to be shipped with reefer containers.

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