Iranian Pistachio Kernels for Iraq

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Pistachio Kernels for Iraq

Iranian Pistachio Kernels for Iraq

How much is the prices of Iranian pistachio kernels for Iraq? What kind of pistachio kernel is most suitable for Iraq? Do you know how to export from Iran and import to Iraq directly?

In Iraq, pistachio kernels are using in the production of sweets and many foods.
Pistachio green powder, in particular, is also uses in confectionery.
Using pistachio nuts & kernels as an snack in Iraq is not that low as well, but it is not that significant. Therefore, most of Iran’s export of pistachios to Iraq is suitable for confectionery and ice cream rather than nuts and snacks.

Best Pistachio Kernels for Iraq

Depending on the uses mentioned above, the product must have the following parameters:

  • Affordable price for pistachio kernel: Generally between 9$ and 14$ per kilogram, the main export range to Iraq.
  • Pistachio green in the Mantle: Green mantle kernel uses to decorate pastries and ice cream.
  • Bulk packaging: The main packaging uses for export to Iraq is 25 and 50 kg bags or 10 kg carton.

Iranian Pistachio Kernels

Khorasan is one of the main markets for buying pistachio kernels suitable for export to Iraq.
Cheap Khorasan-manufactured low-cost types of pistachio kernels, mostly find in Faizabad area (Somewhere in Khorasan, Iran), are prime for the Iraqi markets.
Exporting Iranian pistachio kernels to Iraq requires some customs procedures.

Exporting these products to Iraq is relatively good, but it should note that most of the kernels that are shipping to Iraq come from inexpensive samples in bulk packaging.
Generally they send luxury products in 10 kg cartons which are mostly use for nuts.

“Faiz Abadi” or “Badami” Pistachio kernel is one of the best-selling types of pistachio kernels exporting to Iraq for sale.

Tiny Kernels for Iraq

Pistachio Kernels for Iraq

One of the cheapest types of pistachio kernels for export to Iraq is “tiny pistachio kernels”.
Of course, one must be careful about the quality of the pistachio kernels because each product does not have an export standard.

If the tiny pistachio kernel does not contain black, bitter, or other waste such as skin, wood and stone, it is standard enough for import to Iraq.

Slivered Pistachio for Iraqi’s Market

Slivered Pistachio Kernels

Varieties of Iranian slivered pistachios that are less than 23$ per kilogram are suitable for Iraq.
Of course, green color and non-contamination of pests is one of the important points. It can be said that the best types of pistachio slices and slivers suitable for import to Iraq are also found in Khorasan.

If you are in Iraq, and you are thinking about how to buy Iranian pistachios directly:

  • Artin Pistachio Factory provides all your required qualities and prices
  • Artin Pistachio Sales Department prepare all your required packaging and designs
  • Our Export Department prepare all your required documents for clearance in Iraq
  • Our Delivery Department deliver your cargo’s to your destination port

You only need to do clearance in your country and enjoy your business.

If you have other questions about cooperating with Artin company, check the FAQs.

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