Iranian Pistachio Kernels in Switzerland | Iranian Green Nuts

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Iranian Pistachio Kernels in Switzerland

Iranian Pistachio Kernels in Switzerland | Iranian Green Nuts

There is a good market for Iranian pistachio kernels in Switzerland. They use Iranian green nuts and kernels in chocolates and pastries.

One of the main export destinations for pistachio kernels is Switzerland.
There are different companies in Iran exporting Iranian pistachio kernels to Switzerland and many other countries.

Iranian Export-Quality Pistachio Kernels

Export-Quality Pistachio Kernels

Iranian pistachio kernels, especially in green varieties, are very suitable for export and are in demand in most European countries in bulk.
For example, the types of green (peeled or not peeled) pistachio kernels, are known for all their markets.
Of course, the health standards of export cargo to Switzerland must be high.

In addition to green pistachio kernels, other types of pistachio kernels are exporting to Switzerland, the most important of which are:

  • “KUL” or Green pistachio kernels
  • Purple Skin pistachio kernels
  • Close-Mouth pistachio kernels
  • Also different types of granulated pistachio kernels
  • And also: Pistachio powder

The above are among the products that are available in Switzerland’s market and some other European countries in high volumes.
Iran is one of the main exporters of pistachio nuts and kernels to Europe.
The main competition for the sale of these products in the European market is between Iran and the United States, which in recent years has exceeded the sales volume of American pistachios in some countries.

Wholesale of Iranian Pistachio Kernels in Switzerland

Iranian Pistachio Kernels in Switzerland

Vacuum packages are often using for the bulk sale of Iranian pistachio kernels to Europe in bulk.
For this purpose, Firstly, care must be taken to ensure that the quality of the packaging is such that the packaging is not pierced to the destination of Switzerland and that there is no opening for air to enter.

Secondly, inside the packages and inside the pistachio kernels, there are no wastes from devices such as metals and from the outside environment, such as wood pulp.

If exporters provide these standards for pistachio kernels for export, they can easily export these products at very reasonable prices in the Switzerland market.

In addition, in European countries, there is a significant profit in the sale of these products.
Imports of healthy food also have low customs tariffs.

Where to Buy Iranian Pistachios?

Buy Iranian Pistachios

Many years ago, the only major pistachio production center in Iran was Kerman province.
But after that, this product was cultivated in different provinces. And now there is fierce competition in the field of production, sale, and export of these products.

Currently, the largest producers of pistachios in Iran are the following provinces:

Kerman – Khorasan Razavi – Yazd – Semnan

In Kerman and Khorasan Razavi provinces, all types of pistachios are available in high volumes by farmers.
The main pistachios in Iran are 5 types, which are:

  1. Akbari
  2. Ahmad Aghaei
  3. Fandoghi
  4. Badami
  5. Kalleghouchi

Due to this variety of production, the pistachio kernels have also more varieties.

Exporting Artin Pistachio kernels to Switzerland

Exporting Artin Pistachio kernels

Artin is one of the companies exporting pistachio kernels from Khorasan Razavi province.
This group is specialized in the production, processing, packaging, sale, and export of pistachio kernels.

In the Artin production unit, the following types of pistachio kernels are available and each product has its own market:

  1. Peeled green pistachio kernels (in 6 color grades)
  2. Green pistachio kernel
  3. Purple-Skin pistachio kernels (glove or machine)
  4. Normal Pistachio kernels
  5. Halved pistachio kernels
  6. Granulated pistachio kernels (in 3 different sizes)
  7. Wheat-shape pistachio kernels
  8. Pistachio powder (in two varieties, green and yellow)

Due to less strict customs in Switzerland about the aflatoxin of the product, export from Iran to Switzerland is very simple.
But all aspects and health recommendations must be followed with great care when producing the product.

Artin company prepares different types of pistachio kernels for different businesses and producers.
In other words, in this factory, pistachio kernels are according to the needs of customers and will be ready for these customers in the market.

For this reason, by carefully examining and determining the needs of customers, various types of pistachio kernels are exporting to Switzerland by this company.

If you need advice on purchasing, customs, and obtaining certificates, you can contact our partners.
The Artin sales and trading unit will provide you with the necessary information in this regard.

Also, due to price changes in different time periods, receive the daily prices of pistachio kernels from the Artin sales unit.
And if you are sure about your order, pay attention to the validity of the proforma-invoice.

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