Iranian Pistachio Kernels Producer for Export

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Pistachio Kernels Producer

Iranian Pistachio Kernels Producer for Export

Where to find a good Iranian pistachio kernels producer? Which of them wholesale nuts for export? Which pistachio kernels are good to import?

Various types of pistachio kernels are shipping to Germany, Canada, Russia, Iraq and many other countries in different qualities.
Pistachio kernels producing in Iran are very diverse but for export it is necessary to pay attention to the destination country and the type of pistachio kernel uses.
There are many pistachio producers in Iran but a few of them exports directly to your destination country.

The following is a review of the Iranian pistachio kernels:

Iranian Pistachio Kernels

As stated above, Iran is producing first grade pistachio kernels as well as lower qualities.
The kernels of the pistachios themselves fall into different categories, each is using for export to a particular country or for a specific purpose.

Iranian Pistachio Kernels

  • Purple Skin Kernels:

    This kind of pistachio kernel is very good in appearance and so-called Premium Pistachio Kernels.
    Most of Pistachio Kernels Producers can supply this type of kernels for you.
    However, in the process of producing this type of pistachio kernel, some kernels halves and crushes into 2 or 4 pieces that sometimes separate from the main load and remain in the load most of the time.

  • Kal Kernels (Green Pistachio Kernels):

    Kal kernels produces from pistachios that harvests earlier. This will make the final product green in color.
    This type of pistachio kernel is one of the highest quality products in the field of pistachio kernels production.
    There are many uses for this product in export markets:

    • Producing delicious confectioneries and pastries.
    • Decorating foods
    • Producing some drinks
    • Using in Ice Cream
  • Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels

To produce this product, which is available in several grades in the export market, Kal pistachio kernels boil and peel and then classify by Color Sorting according to their greenness.
Given that the price of this type of pistachio kernel is higher than other varieties, the number of its producers is also lower.
However, Artin Nuts Factory produces this type of pistachios as well.

  • Ordinary kernels:

    This type of pistachio kernel is often made from close-mouth pistachios. The kernels are not large and also most pistachios have less purple skin color.
    This product uses for markets that do not have high price elasticity. For example, Russia, India, Iraq and China are good markets for these kernels.
    This is the first type of kernels that any Iranian pistachio kernels producer can produce for you.

  • Crushed and Halved Kernels:

    These kinds of pistachio kernels are the cheapest types on the market. They are often using for powdering or to reduce the price of other pistachio kernels. We advise you not to mix these kernels with other types in order to reduce their final price.

Artin Pistachio Kernels Packaging

Pistachio Kernels Packaging

There are various suggestions for packing pistachio kernels. This, of course, depends on the destination country and the type of pistachio kernels.
Here we introduce you some common packages for bulk pistachio wholesale.

    1. 25 to 50 kg bags:
      This type of packaging is often using for domestic loads or for bulk selling to foodstuff factories.
      Of course, some customers from countries such as Iraq and Russia also request pistachio kernels in different weight bags.
    2. 10 kg cartons:
      In this way that costs a bit more, the pistachio kernels pack in 10-kg cartons and send to customers.
      Demand of most customers refer to this type of packaging for pistachio kernels.
      Many pistachio producers and suppliers using cartons for India, Europe and Arab countries.
      With this type of packaging, distribution in the destination country is easier and more convenient for chain stores, shops and factories.
    3. 5 to 12 kg vacuumed packages
      More vacuumed packages place in a normal cartons.
      This type of packaging must use to ensure that the amount of aflatoxin in the cargo remains unchanged until it reaches the destination customs office.
      Also, Vacuum packages prevent any changes in moisture content as well.
      Of course, this type of packaging will also increase the shelf life of the product.

Iranian Pistachio Kernels Producer

Pistachio Kernels Producer

Artin Company is one of the leading pistachio kernel producers. In this factory, pistachio kernels are usually cracking according to customers’ orders.
This method makes the pistachio kernel produce the best in freshness and taste. On the other hand, at the same time, it is fully sort by the machine as well as in the manual line by the workers and send for packaging.

At this stage, the pistachio kernel loads either in a bag or in a carton according to customer’s request.

Most Iranian pistachio producers located in Kerman, Khorasan and Yazd provinces of Iran. If you want to buy directly from producers and manufacturers, It’s better to search this regions.

Artin production factory has started its activity in Khorasan Razavi province of Iran and is trying to provide the best pistachio kernels to the merchants of different countries.

You can get in touch with Artin sales managers right now to get pictures, product samples and daily rates.

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