Iranian Pistachio Nuts and Kernels for India

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Pistachio Nuts and Kernels for India

Iranian Pistachio Nuts and Kernels for India

The Artin company is a supplier of Iranian pistachio nuts and kernels for India. Ahmad Aghaei (AA) pistachio nuts and Fandoghi pistachio kernels.

Pistachio nuts and kernels have a high sales volume in India.
Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari, and Badami pistachios are sending to India from Iran with competitive prices along with pistachio kernels.

Obviously, products offering in India must be first-class and high quality.
Pistachio is packaging in a 50 kg sack and pistachio kernels are often in 10 kg cartons. But for India, it’s better to pack pistachio nuts in cartons the same as kernels.

In the following, we will examine these issues in more detail.

Iranian Pistachio Nuts and Kernels

Pistachio Nuts and Kernels

Iran and the United States are the two main producers of pistachio nuts and kernels.
These countries are producing and marketing pistachios in different forms and varieties.

In Iran, 5 known types of pistachios are:

Akbari – Kolleghouchi – Ahmad Aghaei – Badami – Fandoghi

In addition to Kerman province, Khorasan Razavi and Yazd provinces produce pistachios in large quantities.
In recent years, due to drought and soil poverty in Kerman province, many producers have migrated to other provinces.

For the past 15 years, a large number of pistachio seedlings were imported into Khorasan province and built by orchard experts.
After this period, today we see that Khorasan Razavi province has become one of the centers of pistachio production in Iran.
Various pistachios from this province are exporting to other countries.

Most Khorasan pistachio products are using for export to different countries.

Exporting Iranian Pistachio Nuts and Kernels to India

 Iranian Pistachio Nuts

Pistachio kernel is one of the most widely used products for export to India.
Pistachio kernels that are exporting to India should have a good taste because this product is mostly using to produce various sweets.
Close-Mouth pistachio kernels are one of the best options for export from Iran to India.

On the other side, pistachio nuts are using as nuts in India, especially for the DIWALI festival.
Among the types of pistachios, 3 main types have the highest sales in the Indian market.

  • Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei
  • Akbari Pistachio
  • Also, Badami Pistachio

The common point between all of these varieties is being in the category of long pistachios.

Long pistachios are often shipping raw to the Indian market.
The route for sending Iranian pistachio nuts and kernels to India is usually from Bandar Abbas to the ports of Nhava-Sheva and Mumbai.
In this route, different sea lines serve and its transportation price is very reasonable.
In some periods, a 40-foot container can be transported from Bandar Abbas to Indian ports for less than $400.

All this together has made the price of pistachios very competitive in India.
On the other hand, the high volume of demand for India causes many people to work in this field.

Artin Pistachios Wholesale

Artin Pistachios Wholesale

One of the companies active in the field of exporting Iranian pistachio nuts and kernels to India is Artin company.
The main activity of this group is in exporting pistachio kernels.
But it also sells large quantities of pistachios for import in large volumes.

Orders shipped to India must meet the exact needs of customers.
One of the important features for Indian traders to buy pistachios in bulk is the white color of pistachio shell skin.
Ahmad Aghaei and Badami pistachios are the best options for this purpose.
For pistachio kernels, close-mouth pistachio kernels with the least amount of granule and halve kernels are using for export/import to India.

In the Artin pistachio company, export-quality pistachio kernels are packaging in 10 kg cartons.
In addition, if customers request or to increase durability, it is possible to vacuum all products in this collection.

Do you know the prices of pistachio nuts and kernels in Iran?

pistachio nuts and kernels for India

To receive the daily price of pistachios, it is necessary to know the following:
You can get the daily prices of pistachios from our colleagues in the Artin sales department in the shortest time by having the following items:

  1. Type of pistachio
  2. Pistachio size
  3. Raw or Salty process of pistachios
  4. Packaging
  5. Order volume
  6. Place of delivery
  7. Also, Delivery time
  8. And also, The payment term

For pistachio kernels, the amount of whole-shape and granules of product is very important.
The freshness and taste of the product are also among the main parameters for export to India.
For information on the daily price of all types of pistachio nuts and kernels, you can contact the experts of the Artin company.
Also, if necessary, you can wait for the call of our partners by completing the relevant forms in the consulting and sales department.

If you are on the website with your mobile phone, you can connect to one of the experts right now by clicking on the images below.

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