Iranian Pistachio Powder Major Supply | Artin Pistachios Wholesale

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Iranian Pistachio Powder

Iranian Pistachio Powder Major Supply | Artin Pistachios Wholesale

Iranian Pistachio Powder Major Supply is for the producer of ice cream, chocolates, and sweets. Check the Artin pistachios wholesale market.

Iranian green pistachio powder is one of the most widely used ingredients in confectionery and ice cream production units.
Artin company is one of the producers and exporters of pistachio granules, slices, slivers, and powder in the market.

To have high-quality pistachio powder, good pistachio kernels must be in use.
Using old and low-quality pistachio kernels can completely change the taste of pistachio powder.
Two main parameters in buying and selling pistachio powder are of great importance. These two criteria are the color and taste of this Iranian product.

Obviously, there are other parameters affecting the price and the supply amount of the product.

Purchasing Iranian Pistachio Powder from Producer

Iranian Pistachio Powder Producer

Various producers across Iran are active in the field of major supply of pistachio powder to the market.
But the main of these production units are in Kerman, Khorasan Razavi, and Yazd provinces.

A short distance to production orchards as well as pistachio recording terminals is one of the main advantages of these industrial units.
As you are aware, Kerman and Khorasan Razavi provinces have the most pistachio productions in Iran.

In recent years, due to the climatic conditions of Khorasan, the volume of production has grown significantly in this province.
Obviously, pistachio powder manufacturers try to use pistachios to make a powder that is as green as possible.
Greenness is one of the main parameters in buying pistachio powder.

In this regard, one of the best types of pistachios for pulverization is the Khorasan Badami pistachio kernel.
This product (Badami pistachio kernel) is not in use for nut stores due to its dark skin.
But the kernel inside it is very green, which is quite evident after peeling.

This greenness and good taste have made this product be in use to produce pistachio powder.

In the Artin company, we have different qualities available for the domestic and international markets.

Artin Pistachio Powder Wholesale Center

Pistachio Powder Wholesale Center

As mentioned in the previous section, Artin Company is one of the suppliers of pistachio kernels and pistachio powder.
Sort facilities and equipment in this company have caused us to work professionally in this field.

One of the parameters using to enhance the taste of pistachio powder is the combination of wild pistachio kernels with other varieties of pistachio kernels.

Although this product has a high price, its aroma and taste are excellent and amazing.
In the Artin wholesale center, pistachio kernels and pistachio powder are available in bulk in high quantities.

All products enter the packaging process after final approval.
Normally, all Artin products are in 10 kg vacuum packages.
Obviously, this type of packaging increases the shelf life of pistachio powder for a long time.
To some extent, confectionery and ice cream producers are relieved about pistachio powder’s major supply.

You can contact Artin sales officials to see real photos of pistachio powder and pistachio kernels.
One of the ways of communication of these experts is activated by clicking on the image below.

Prices of Green Powder of Pistachios

Green Powder of Pistachios

The daily price of pistachio powder depends on various parameters.
But the most important of these is the type of pistachio kernel using to make powder.

When wild pistachio kernels are in use, the price of the product usually increases.
But in the usual case, we try to get the product to the production workshops at a reasonable price.
Because if the price is high, unfortunately, the cost of production workshops will increase and sales will decrease.

In this regard, we try to offer quality products at a fair and competitive price in the market.
If you need to buy green pistachio powder in bulk, you can get its daily price from the Artin sales unit.
Or, by filling in the forms available on the website, wait for the call of our colleagues.

We hope to be able to start a long-term and long-time cooperation with production workshops inside and outside Iran.
Obviously, this long-term cooperation will be profitable and reassuring for both parties.

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