Iranian pistachios for Azerbaijan | Nuts and Kernels

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Iranian pistachios for Azerbaijan

Iranian pistachios for Azerbaijan | Nuts and Kernels

Artin pistachio company exports Iranian pistachios to Azerbaijan in all kinds of Raw, Roasted, and Salted pistachio nuts and kernels in bulk and shopping packages.

The price of Iranian pistachios in Azerbaijan is very competitive.
The sales volume of first-class and high-quality Iranian pistachios in different types is very significant.

Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Koleghoochi, and Fandoghi pistachios have a very good market in this country.

Iranian Pistachios Varieties for Azerbaijan

Pistachios Varieties for Azerbaijan

The most famous and well-known Iranian pistachios fall into 3 categories:

  1. Long pistachios: which includes Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari, and Badami pistachios.
  2. Round pistachios: which Fandoghi pistachios fall into this category.
  3. Jumbo pistachios: In this group, only Koleghoochi pistachio is included.

Other types of pistachios such as Ouhadi, Abbas Ali, and Shahpasand are also producing in Iran, but the volume of production is very small.
For this reason, most of Iran’s export pistachios select from the 5 main cultivars (As above).

Iranian pistachios for export to the Republic of Azerbaijan are also selected from these 5 types.

The next step after choosing the type of pistachio is to determine other quality items:

  • Pistachio size
  • Percentage of Close-Mouth and Slightly-Open
  • Overview and appearance
  • Freshness and taste
  • Raw or being salty and roasted
  • Packing (carton, bag, small gram packing…)

Each of these should be carefully and patiently considered during the bulk purchase.

Artin Pistachios Wholesale for Import

Pistachios Wholesale for Import

Artin Dried Fruit Production and Trading Company is one of the suppliers of pistachios in export markets.
In this company, different types of pistachios with different qualities sell in the market.

This company has different pistachio processing machinery and prepares products according to customers’ requirements.
The size of the pistachio, the percentage of Close-Mouth, the type of roast, and the amount of salt are all doing in our factory.

The price of Iranian pistachios in Azerbaijan, in addition to the type of pistachio, also depends on quality parameters.
In the previous part, some of these parameters have mentioned.

Artin Pistachio Company is in Khorasan Razavi province and its head office is in the holy city of Mashhad.
In addition, all commercial affairs and customs formalities are performing by the experienced team of Artin Company in this field.

For more information in this regard, you can contact us directly.

Iranian Pistachios in Azerbaijan

Iranian Pistachios in Azerbaijan

The price of Iranian pistachios in Azerbaijan, as mentioned, initially depends on the type and quality of the pistachios.
After that, the costs to determine the price of Iranian pistachios in Azerbaijan must calculate.

The most important and main costs since the preparation of the product are as follows:

  • packing
  • Perform customs formalities and procedures
  • Obtaining relevant certificates (quarantine certificate, certificate of origin, etc.)
  • Transportation from the city of origin to the destination city in Azerbaijan
  • Also, Pistachio clearance costs in Azerbaijan

All these costs should be added to the price of the product to determine the cost price of pistachios in Azerbaijan.
As a rule, some costs, such as customs formalities and transportation, have a fixed number.
When you put 10 tons of pistachios in a container, you have to pay exactly the same costs as for 20 tons of pistachios.

In other words, the higher the order quantity, the more the side costs of the product will be broken down and the price will be more competitive.

For this reason, people who intend to export a small volume of this product to Azerbaijan, have little difficulty in selling the product.
Unless the products are offered in retail stores in different stores and to the final consumer.

How to export pistachio from Iran to Azerbaijan

How to export pistachio

If we want to briefly explain how to export pistachios, check the following steps in order:

  1. Supply of pistachios and processing according to customer orders, Firstly.
  2. Doing pistachio packaging and labeling
  3. Obtaining standard pistachio certificates
  4. Presentation of pistachio consignment to customs of origin (in pistachio producing provinces)
  5. Declaring the cargo to the government
  6. Submit an application and obtain a Phytosanitary certificate
  7. Cargo inspection by customs assessor and cargo seal
  8. Receive a certificate of origin from the Chamber of Commerce by the business card holder
  9. Deliver the cargo to the transport company and receive the bill of lading
  10. Send documents to the buyer or consignee in the destination country
  11. Carriage of cargo to the customs of the destination city
  12. Carrying out customs clearance affairs in the destination country in accordance with the applicable laws
  13. Payment of duties and taxes
  14. The settlement with the shipping company
  15. Finally, Delivery of goods at the destination

All these steps must be done carefully so that the purchased pistachios deliver to the buyer without any problems.
Artin Pistachio Factory is ready to deliver the pistachio you are considering before the customs of Azerbaijan.
Carrying out all matters related to the clearance of goods in the destination country is the responsibility of the buyer or the recipient in Azerbaijan.

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