Iranian Pistachios for Russia | Wholesale Price

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Iranian Pistachios for Russia

Iranian Pistachios for Russia | Wholesale Price

Which are the best types of Iranian Pistachios for Russia? How much is the prices and how’s the quality? Here we tell you more about it.

The wholesale price of pistachios is one of the main parameters of buyers and traders in Russia.
Among the pistachios that have the largest volume of exports from Iran to Russia are Ahmad Aghaei and Fandoghi pistachios.
Which are sending in 3 different quality classes in different sizes.

Russia is a very large country that imports and exports a significant amount of Iranian pistachios annually.

The wholesale price of exported pistachios from Iran to Russia must be very competitive in order to convince importers and buyers in the Russian market.

Iranian Export Quality Pistachios

Iranian Pistachios for RussiaAmong the types of pistachios produce in Iran, which also have a great variety, more than two types of these pistachios are of interest to the Russian people:

  1. Ahmad Aghaee Pistachio Nuts (Long Pistachios)
  2. Fandoghi pistachio Nuts (Round Pistachios)

These two types have the highest amount of pistachio exports from Iran to the CIS countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The Ahmad Aghaei type classifies as Long Pistachio and the Fandoghi type classifies as Round.

Pistachios Wholesale Center in Iran

Iranian Pistachios for RussiaIn Iran, different provinces produce pistachios. Kerman, Khorasan, Semnan and Yazd have the largest amount of pistachio cultivation in Iran.

Ahmad Aghaei and Fandoghi pistachios find in abundance in Kerman and Khorasan provinces.
These two types of pistachios are cheaper than Akbari and Koleghoochi pistachios, Which is why they are very popular in the Russian market.

Kerman and Khorasan provinces have a large volume of production due to the suitable climate. For this reason, more competitive prices can find in them.

One of the advantages of Khorasan province for CIS countries is the existence of railway lines, which greatly reduces transportation costs for customers.

So if you are searching for a Wholesale Center of Iranian Pistachios for Russia, Search for it in Khorasan.

Iranian Pistachios for Russia

Iranian Pistachios for RussiaAs mentioned earlier, the price of pistachios is one of the most important criteria for Russian traders to buy high volume.
But what are the ways to reduce the cost of pistachios in Russia? In answer to this question, the necessary costs should divide into the following sections:

  1. Product purchase costs
  2. Package costs and prices
  3. Carrying out customs affairs
  4. Transportation
  5. Clearance in the target country

All of this can be argued, but the most notable of these is the cost of transportation and clearance, as pistachio prices can eventually fall $0.3 below the market rate.

However, with certain methods using by most of Russia’s main and first-hand merchants, clearance costs can reduce by $1.
In the shortest route of export from Iran to Russia, cargo can send from Anzali port to Astrakhan, Russia, but the main point is that the import tariff of pistachios from Iran in Astrakhan is very high.

This number is very significant, while if the same pistachio is sent from Anzali to Aktau on the Kazakh border, only less than one-third of the cost in Astrakhan is required for clearance. A Kazakh company will re-send the pistachio to Russia. Almost no customs fees will be charged, and the pistachio will be shipped from Kazakhstan to Russia.

These are just some of the point in exporting pistachio nuts. The Artin Pistachio Factory uses these methods.

However, the most suitable pistachio for export to Russia is Ahmad Aghaei, which is one of the cheapest examples that is economical for the country’s market.
Apart from Ahmad Aghaei, Badami and Fandoghi cultivars also export to that country.

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