Iranian White Pistachios | Artin In-Shell Pistachio

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Iranian White Pistachios

Iranian White Pistachios | Artin In-Shell Pistachio

Iranian White Pistachios Means the white skin and white shell pistachio nuts. The Artin company is an exporter of White In-Shell Pistachios.

Khorasan, Iran white pistachio, which is also calling as Badami pistachio in the market.
A large volume of this product is using for export to India, Russia, and Pakistan.
The production center of this type of pistachio is in Khorasan Razavi province of Iran.

The Artin company located in Khorasan exporting Iranian white pistachios to Indian in large quantities each year. In fact, India is the main market for white In-Shell pistachio nuts.

Iranian White Pistachios

Iranian White Pistachios

Iranian white pistachios are in the category of long pistachios.
Dried long pistachios classify according to quality and price in the following order:

  1. Akbari pistachio
  2. Ahmad Aghaei pistachio
  3. White (Badami) pistachio

Badami pistachio is one of the cheapest types of pistachios in the Iranian market among the long variety of in-shell pistachio nuts.
The main center of Iranian Badami white pistachios production is in Khorasan Razavi province. There is the highest area under white skin pistachio cultivation.

Of course, other types of pistachios are also producing in this region, but the main product is white Badami pistachios.
This type of pistachio in Khorasan province has a high percentage of slightly-open pistachios.
For this reason, loads with a lower percentage of slightly-open and closed-mouth have a higher price.

Khorasan Badami Pistachios Wholesale

Khorasan Badami Pistachios Wholesale

The bulk sale of Iranian white skin pistachios is doing through production and industrial units of Khorasan Razavi province.
In this province, many pistachio recording terminals are active in the field of processing and drying fresh pistachios.

At the beginning of the harvest season, these centers process a high percentage of pistachios producing in the region.
Part of Khorasan Badami pistachio products will be sent to different factories in Kerman province at the beginning of the harvest season.
However, These products are sending fresh or dried to these units in Kerman province.

Many factories and wholesalers in different cities of Khorasan province sell bulk pistachios.
But most of these wholesale units focus on Badami and Fandoghi pistachios.

The Artin nuts and dried fruit company is also one of the activists in the field of wholesales and export of pistachios from Iran.
This company is one of the options for buying major volumes of pistachios in Iran.

For more information, you can contact the sales department of this collection. You just need to click on the image below to message us on WhatsApp:

Iranian White Pistachios Export/Import

Iranian White Pistachios

Iranian White Pistachios is using for export to different countries.
Of course, This type of pistachio is often sending to countries that are looking to buy the product at a competitive and low price.
In fact, Badami and Fandoghi pistachios are among the cheapest types of pistachios in the Iranian market.

The main countries buying Iranian Badami white pistachios are:

  • Russia
  • Pakistan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Ukraine
  • Also, India
  • And also, China

To prepare export-quality Badami pistachios, the percentage of close-mouth must be reduced below %5.
5% or less is the standard amount of closed-mouth pistachios in export/import pistachio cargos.

But the percentage of slightly-open pistachios is different in different regions of Khorasan.
If the amount of Close-Mouth in the load is high, its price will reduce and it will sell cheaper in the market.

The export/import of raw and bulk pistachios from Feyzabad is often doing in bags or cartons.
The weight of the bags is usually 50 or 25 kg.

To determine the load characteristics inside the bag, the label is sewn to the top of the bag, which contains the following information:

  1. Production and expiration date
  2. Pistachio type
  3. The size of the pistachios
  4. Country of production
  5. Also the Exporter and importer information

Of course, this information can be more or less depending on the strictures of the destination customs.

Pricing Iranian Badami Long Pistachios

Pricing Iranian Badami Pistachios

As you are aware, the price of Iranian pistachios is very close to the current price of the USD.
During periods when the exchange rate of the USD to IRR does not change much, the price of nuts, especially pistachios and their products, is stable in Iran.

This price stability makes buying and selling easier.
The best option to know the daily price of pistachio nuts and kernels are companies operating in Khorasan Razavi province.
Exporters and wholesale markets in different cities of the Khorasan province also supply other pistachios, especially Badami pistachios.

Getting prices from these units is better than other suppliers because they are closer to the production area. One of the collections offering Badami in-shell and without shell pistachios is the Artin dried fruit collection.

For information about the daily price and also to receive photos of the products, you can wait for the communication of the Artin sales unit by completing the forms available on the consultation and contact page.

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