Iranian Wild Pistachio Kernels for Sale

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Wild Pistachio Kernels

Iranian Wild Pistachio Kernels for Sale

Wild pistachio grows in Iran and find in some forests and mountains. Iranian Wild Pistachio Kernels are really green with a good and deep taste.

This type of pistachio kernel is very popular in the Canadian and German markets. This product (wild pistachio kernels) uses both in complete shape and powder form for export to these countries.

Forest pistachio and Mountain pistachio are both the other names of Wild pistachios.
This product is smaller than the normal kernels of pistachios and the way it cracks has a different process.

Green Wild Pistachio Kernels

Wild Pistachio Kernels

Mountain (Wild) pistachio kernels are one of the greenest types of pistachio kernels available in the market.
This type of pistachio kernel has many and various applications in different markets due to its greenness.

Confectioners, bakeries, baklava and Lokum producers and other types of sweets are the main users of this type of pistachio kernel.

This type of pistachio kernel grows in the forests of northeastern Iran.
For some years, these pastures have been in the hands of government agencies and they have been monopolized by sales.

But sometimes this monopoly does not exist and the local people collect these products.
The main center of this type of pistachio kernel is in northeastern Iran, especially in Khorasan Razavi province.

Wild Pistachio Kernel Production

Wild Pistachio Kernel

Given that wild pistachio is smaller than other types of regular pistachios, the way it cracks to get kernels is a little different.
In other words, when a pistachio kernel cracks, a high percentage of its skin remains in the middle of the load.
This can be very dangerous for the end consumer and users.
That’s why manufacturers sort this product by a laser and color sorting machine for the well-being of their customers.

In this way, the percentage of skin and bony shell and lesions inside the pistachio kernel is almost zero.

This is especially true for pistachio kernels exporting to Canada or other countries in Europe because of the variety of tests carrying out on the export loads.

For this reason, this process should do more carefully.

Once the pistachio kernel is ready, it should pack in appropriate packaging.

Wild Pistachios Sale

Wild Pistachios Sale

In addition to the domestic market, Iran’s pistachio kernel has many fans in international markets.
Since this product grows in pastures and highlands, it is known as an organic product.

Of course, so far no official certificate provides to introduce this organic product, but according to laboratory tests, this product has the characteristics of a completely organic product.
Companies operating in this field and government agencies should redouble their efforts to do administrative work and obtain international certificates.

One of the main export markets for Iranian green wild pistachio kernels is Canada.
In this country, wild pistachio kernels have many uses in powder form.
This has led to a huge boom in exports of this product from Iran to Canada in recent years.

Wild Pistachio Powder

Wild Pistachio Powder

In addition to pistachio kernels, wild pistachio powder has many fans in the Canadian and German market.

This product uses to produce a variety of sweets and due to its excellent color and taste, it has become very popular among the producers of this country.
The export of these products from Iran is usually doing in bulk packaging.

Green Color is the most important characteristic of wild pistachio powder. So, you need to use vacuumed packages for long time shelf life and color maintenance.

With many years of experience in this field, Artin Production Factory performs all cracking, sorting, packaging and even all export affairs to the destination country.

You can contact the sales experts of this production company to get the price of the products and also knowing how to import this products to your country.

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