Kerman Pistachio Kernels Sale Price

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Pistachio Kernels Sale Price

Kerman Pistachio Kernels Sale Price

The best Pistachio Kernels Sale Price in different types can find in Kerman and Khorasan provinces of Iran.
Purple Skin Pistachio Kernels, Close-Mouth, Unripe, Peeled and Green are the most popular pistachio kernels of Iran.

Iran is one of the largest producers of pistachio varieties in the world. In Iran, pistachios are producing and marketing in different types and qualities.

Due to the increase in pistachio prices in Iran, the domestic sales volume of pistachio nuts and kernels has been much lower than before. But the point is that more than %75 of Iranian pistachios exports to other countries.

However, confectioners, pastries, ice cream and meat products still need to buy pistachio kernels to produce their products.

Iranian Pistachio Kernel

Iranian Pistachio Kernel

Since there is so much variation in Iranian pistachio production, this diversity is more pronounced in the pistachio kernel.

Iranian Pistachio Kernels In addition to the Iranian market, which is mostly confectionery and ice cream makers, has many uses outside the Iranian market.
Various factories and manufactures of pastry varieties around the world are buyers of Iranian pistachio kernels.

However, depending on the type of consumption and the destination country, the type of pistachio kernel determines.

For example, most of Indian buyers prefer to buy purple skin Fandoghi (Round) kernels.
Also, for EU countries, pistachio kernels with permissible percentages of aflatoxin should ship, otherwise the whole load will return.

Pistachio Kernels Sale Price depends on such standards especially when you are approving health standards.

Production of Pistachio Kernels

Pistachio Kernels Production

Producers are often set up near orchards for easy access to raw materials.
Of course, according to their target market, there are different offices and sales centers in different cities inside and outside Iran.

Sometimes, You need to pre-buy your orders .This is especially the case for pistachio kernels with permissible aflatoxin.
In addition, Freshness and reasonable prices are other reasons for major product purchases from its original manufacturer.

Most of Iran’s pistachio nuts producers are located in Khorasan and Kerman provinces.
In Khorasan province, most of the production is in Mahvelat region and in Kerman province, Rafsanjan and Sirjan are the most productive regions.

Pistachio Kernels Sale Price

Pistachio Kernels Sale Price

The pistachio kernels sale price depends on many parameters.
These parameters, which are also using to determine product quality, are as follows:

  • Pistachio kernel type
  • Percentage of halves and broken kernels
  • The amount of tiny kernels
  • Package type
  • Freshness and Taste
  • Percentage of aflatoxin (at export for certain countries)

These parameters are very important in determining the price.

In most cases, the lower the distance between the manufacturer and the final buyer, the higher the quality product and the more reasonable price the consumer will achieve.

In this regard, contact with pistachio nuts manufacturers in Khorasan, Kerman and Yazd provinces of Iran is one of the best options for wholesale pistachio nuts and kernels.

Artin Nuts, Kernels and Berries are all produced in Iran based on high level standards and best hygienic standards.

Buy Pistachio Kernels Online

Online shopping In addition to minor purchases, it also applies to wholesale.
In recent years, with the growth and expansion of the Internet and social networks, large volumes of major purchases and even export of products have been made non-in person.

Pistachio kernels are one of the agricultural products that are trading in high volume especially in Iranian market.
Most pastries, ice cream makers, sausage makers and nuts shoppers buy their products online from Artin Co.

In the online shopping process, it is common to first send product images to customers on social networks.
Upon initial confirmation the product sample ships, which is usually a bag of the product.
After final approval by the customer, the original volume of cargo will ship to the buyer.

For export, this process is done with little difference for foreign customers.

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