Khorasan Pistachios for Wholesale, Export/Import

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Khorasan Pistachios

Khorasan Pistachios for Wholesale, Export/Import

Khorasan Pistachios are available in Iran. In fact, Khorasan is now a pistachio producing center in Iran active in wholesale and Export/Import.

Get the daily price of Khorasan pistachios, including Fandoghi, and Badami in the Artin nuts company.
In this company, the best pistachio nuts and kernels are available for sale in the market.

As you are aware, Khorasan province is one of the largest producers of pistachios in Iran.
In this province, different types of pistachios are available in different areas.
Akbari, Kalleghouchi, Fandoghi, and Badami besides Ahmagaghaei pistachios are in large quantities from these orchards in the province.

In this regard, various commercial production companies are active in this province.

Khorasan Pistachios

Khorasan Pistachios

Pistachio along with saffron is one of the most important agricultural products in Iran.
These products are of great importance due to job creation, currency exchange and many other economic aspects.

Khorasan province, due to its capabilities, has a lot of power to produce different types of pistachios.

  • At present, in 2021, more than 105,000 hectares are under pistachio cultivation in this province.
  • At present, Khorasan Razavi is the second-largest producer of Iranian pistachios.

In 2020, we have witnessed a 20% increase in pistachio production in this province.
According to experts, pistachio production will increase significantly in the coming years in this province.
According to these experts, in these few years, Khorasan Razavi will become the main center of pistachio production in Iran.
Most of the pistachios in this province are for export to different countries.

In the last section, we have given more details about the export of Khorasan pistachios.

Khorasan Pistachios Price for Wholesale

Khorasan Pistachios Price for Wholesale

The daily price of pistachios depends on several factors.
For example, increasing the supply of pistachios in the markets can reduce the price of pistachios.
Usually the price of pistachios changes in the seasons of the year.

For example, after the harvest season, when high volumes of pistachios are ready, the price decreases due to the increase in pistachios supply in the market.
Of course, you should note that the prices of different types of pistachios are different.
Pistachios are composed of different types, each of which has its own characteristics and indicators.

Due to the price fluctuations of this product, you can ask the daily price of this product from the Artin pistachio sales and export/import department.
Obviously, in recent years, making contact on WhatsApp is the easier methods of direct connection so you can click on the image below to make it quick (Messaging to Artin Nuts and Dried Fruits company on WhatsApp):

Export/Import of Iranian Pistachio Nuts and Kernels

Export/Import of Iranian Pistachio Nuts and Kernels

Most of Khorasan pistachio products are using for export to different countries.
For example, in 2019, about 41,600 tons of pistachios were produced in this province.
Of this volume, 4,200 tons were only for direct export to other countries.
This volume of exports in 2019 was worth 36 million USD.

Usually, exporters of Khorasan annually export between 4,000 and 4,500 tons of pistachios from this province.
Of course, it should be noted that a large volume of products in this province are exported through provinces such as Kerman.

As a matter of fact, It can be said that pistachio is one of the most important commodities for export after oil.
With the increase of producing areas in different provinces, especially Khorasan Razavi province, the export of this product will also increase significantly.

The following are the most important pistachio producing cities in Khorasan Razavi:

  1. Sabzevar
  2. Bardeskan
  3. neyshabour
  4. Faizabad

Pistachio is currently a strategic and important agricultural product.
Due to this, various institutions effort to increase production and area under pistachio cultivation.

For advice and purchase of pistachios with high quality and reasonable prices, you can contact Artin commercial sales and export consultants.

We hope we can introduce this valuable product to all over the world.

By the way, The Artin pistachio company is in Khorasan and you can coordinate any orchard’s tour to visit Iranian pistachio orchards and producing lines. You can also check the Persian website of the Artin company.

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