Pistachio Granule Wholesale Center | Artin Iranian Nuts

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Pistachio Granule Wholesale Center

Pistachio Granule Wholesale Center | Artin Iranian Nuts

Pistachio Granule Wholesale market and center is in Iran and Artin company is one of the suppliers of Iranian Nuts exporting pistachios directly.

Experience the pleasure of buying different types of slivered and granulated pistachio kernels in different sizes with Artin company.
In this industrial unit, various types of pistachio kernels are producing and selling professionally.

In this article, you can read about the process of producing pistachio kernels and nuts, which are producing by Artin.
By the way, it’s important to know that some of the pistachio products have many uses in nuts stores as a nut and snack. And also, many other varieties such as pistachio granule have used in bakery, pastry, confectioneries, and chocolates. In fact, this variety of pistachio kernels are using in foodstuffs.

Also, We talk about pistachio granule wholesale and supplying in large quantities in this article.

Types of Iranian Pistachio Kernels

Iranian Pistachio Kernels

Iran is one of the largest production centers for pistachios in the world besides America and Turkey.
Iranian farmers cultivate pistachios in the eastern regions of Iran such as Kerman, Khorasan, and Yazd provinces.

The environmental atmosphere and suitable water in these regions cause us to see the growth of quality pistachios.
In the past few years, when orchard trees have reached their peak, the volume of exports from Khorasan province has also increased significantly.
Many farmers and production units of Kerman have already invested in Khorasan province.

The following various pistachios in different sizes are producing in this region of the country by hardworking farmers:

Fandoghi – Kalleghouchi – Akbari – Badami – Ahmad Aghaei

This diversity in pistachios also diversifies the production of pistachio kernels.
Pistachios are cracking in different methods so that you see more than 10 different varieties of Iranian pistachio kernels in the market. Pistachio Granules are one of these varieties.

The most important types of pistachio kernels producing in Khorasan are:

  • “KUL” or Green pistachio kernels
  • Green belly pistachio kernels (green heart)
  • Purple skin pistachio kernels
  • Green peeled pistachio kernels
  • Pistachio Granule
  • Pistachio Powder
  • Wheat-shape pistachio kernels
  • Wild pistachio kernels
  • Pistachio slices and slivers

All the above types of pistachio kernels are producing in high volumes in this region of the country.
Some of these products are buying and selling in the Iranian market and most of them are using for export.
Not only whole-shape pistachio kernel but also pistachio granule are exporting in high quantities from Iran to the wholesale markets and centers of other countries.

Artin Pistachio Granule Production

Artin Pistachio Granule Production

Artin is one of the companies active in the field of production and sale of pistachio nuts and kernels.
In this company, pistachio kernels are mainly producing, sorting, and also selling in domestic and export markets.

One of the specialized production lines of pistachio kernels in this collection is dedicated to different types of granulated and crushed pistachio kernels.

1. Color Sorting Pistachio Kernels

First, the technical team separates pistachio kernels that are suitable for pistachio granule production.
Then the whole kernels get clean and smooth with the program already given to the laser sorting machine.

At this stage, the color sorting machine removes a high percentage of waste, especially broken pistachio skins (hard shell) in the load.
One of the concerns of users and confectionery units is the presence of foreign substances in the pistachio kernels.
If the producer doesn’t sort the product, the probability of any harm to the consumer is very high. especially if these pistachios are using inside the pastries.

2. Sorting by Size

The pistachios then enter the automatic sorting machine to sort by size.
This device has 4 outputs and different types of pistachio granules come out of each of these outputs according to their size.
The strength of the Artin company is that products of a certain size are providing to customers throughout the year continuously.

In other words, the size of the pistachio kernel, which you will learn about in the next section, will be unchanged throughout the year.
This method creates a high level of confidence for buyers of pistachio kernels, which are mostly production units, workshops, and factories.

3. Manual Sorting

After that, The Artin factory sorts and cleans the pistachio granules by hand and using labor.
At this stage, if foreign matter is still present in the load, it will be removed and separated by skilled manpower.
The Artin company sorts pistachio granules into 4 different categories based on their size. In this company, each of the pistachio granule wholesale and export is according to these 4 codes and categories.

In the next step, the product enters the packaging process.

Qualities and Sizes of Artin Pistachio Granules

Artin Pistachio Granule

After all the pistachio kernels are removed from the laser sorting machine, we enter the sizing process.
In this set, the pistachio kernel sieve and the sorting machine have 4 outputs.
These 4 outputs are from smallest to largest.

The smallest code 1 and the largest code, which is actually the halved pistachio kernel, is called code 4.
After this size sorting procedure, each code enters the next step separately.
At this stage, labors sort and control all the pistachio kernels by hand if there are any foreign materials or not.

The biggest concern in the production of these products is the presence of hard skin or pistachio shell skin.
These pieces of pistachio skin are between the nuts when they break and crack.
Of course, most of it is separated from the load in the first part (laser sorting).

Many confectionery production units and workshops use a special code and size of pistachio granule.
In fact, The pistachio granule wholesale market for each business and consumption is different.
Especially the industrial units where pistachio kernels are poured into the products by a device are the main buyers of pistachio kernels of a certain size.

To receive images regarding each of these codes, you can contact the Artin sales unit.

Pistachio Granule Wholesale Packaging

Pistachio Granule Wholesale Packaging

The common method among producers and wholesalers is to package pistachio kernels in 50 or 60 kg bags.
This issue is not digestible for some production units, especially exporters.
Because from a hygienic point of view, the pistachio kernel should not be in direct contact with the bag as much as possible.
But some buyers tend to buy pistachio kernels in sacks so that the price of the product is not high.

Most experienced manufacturers try to offer the product in cartons.
Which is both hygienically correct and more beautiful and on the other hand makes transportation easier.


In the Artin production company, the products are vacuuming before placing in the carton.
This type of packaging will increase the shelf life and will not damage the product during transportation.

Although this type of packaging is expensive, high quality and good packaging are two important features in the Artin pistachio kernel production company.
In this production unit, pistachio kernels are marketing in vacuum cartons of 10 kg.
Which is satisfied and welcomed by buyers and consumers.

Slivered and Granulated Pistachios Consumption

Slivered and Granulated Pistachios

Different types of pistachio kernels and granules are using in different classes in high volume.
The main buyers of this type of pistachio kernel are production units and workshops of various sweets.
The most important and main products whose producers are buyers of pistachio kernels are:

  • Isfahan GAZ
  • Sohan
  • Baklava
  • Lokum
  • Toffee
  • Halva
  • Ice-cream
  • All kinds of cakes and sweets (Pastries)
  • Noogha
  • Also, Eris
  • And also, Loz

Of course, in each of these products, granulated and slivered pistachios are used in a certain size.
In addition to domestic markets, these products have many buyers in international markets.
Many workshops across the country purchase the pistachio kernels they need through the Artin pistachio factory.

Because the size of the product is supplied on a regular basis throughout the year and the concern about the presence of foreign materials is greatly reduced.

If you are a producer who uses pistachio kernels in your products, be sure to try Artin pistachio kernels for once.
Definitely worth a try!!!

There are many communication ways to receive advice and daily prices of products on the Artin collection website.

Artin Pistachio Granule Wholesale Center

Artin Pistachio Granule Wholesale

Artin Pistachio kernels company, which was described in the previous sections about its production process, is also engaged in wholesale and export/import.
All matters regarding the sale and delivery of goods throughout the country are doing in the shortest possible time in this company.

In addition, the commercial team of the Artin Dried Fruit Company handles all matters regarding obtaining certificates and customs formalities.
In addition, all products that require special certification (such as aflatoxin certification) are producing under special conditions by our team.
You can find the head office of the Artin Nuts and Dried Fruits company by a quick search on Google Map.
For business and other affairs, our colleagues are present in this office every day from 8 to 15 o’clock.

All shipments are sending from Iran by truck or container.
If the workshop units need to buy and import high volume, they can use volume discounts.
For information about the terms of sale of Artin company, you can contact the sales unit.

Purchasing Artin Pistachio Kernels Online

Purchasing Artin Pistachio Kernels

Due to the spread and influence of the Internet in the life and work of the Iranian people, many sales and purchases are made online.
Initially, the most active field in the field of online shopping was retail (B2C).
But in recent years, many major purchases are also made online and offline.

The Artin Pistachio Company has also launched an online sales department to supply pistachio nuts and kernels.
So that buyers of this product can buy their products through the following steps.

Steps for buying pistachio granules online from Artin production factory:

  1. Communication with the sales unit (Call, WhatsApp, Telegram, or filling out website forms)
  2. Get product prices
  3. Get load images
  4. Submit sample request (if required)
  5. Final approval
  6. Sending pre-invoice by Artin sales unit
  7. Accounting approval
  8. Send cargo to the destination city

All these steps are doing to reassure customers under the supervision of experts and supporters of the Artin website.
If you are reading this article with your mobile phone, you can contact our colleagues in the sales department on social media right now by clicking on the icons below.

Prices of Pistachio Granule Wholesale and Export

Pistachio Granule Wholesale

Since pistachio kernel is the raw material of other products, its price is very important.
In other words, if the price of pistachio kernels grows a lot, it will increase the prices of sweets and pastries, and other products.
In this regard, pistachio kernels should be purchased at a competitive price.

But quality should not be sacrificed for the price in any way.
Because very cheap products always have problems. These include the presence of foreign matter and waste, bad taste, and longevity.
But the products that are offering in the market at a fair and competitive price, there is a great deal of assurance in terms of quality.

In Artin company, product quality is one of the important parameters in all production processes.
For this reason, the process of laser color sorting and manual sorting has been added to this collection in recent years.

Since prices change during the week, it is not possible to place a permanent price list on the website.
But you can use one of the following ways to quickly get the current price of products today:

  1. Contacting one of the sales experts
  2. Completing the forms available on the website
  3. Communication in social networks (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, etc.)
  4. Sending an email

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