Pistachio Kernels for Australia | Grade A Iranian Pistachios

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Pistachio Kernels for Australia

Pistachio Kernels for Australia | Grade A Iranian Pistachios

Iranian pistachio exporters and manufacturers export Grade A pistachio kernels for Australia. Iranian pistachios are known in the world market.

Pistachio kernels are exporting and selling to Australia in significant volumes.
First-class (Grade A) pistachio kernels, along with pistachio nuts and barberry, are importing to Australia from Iran.
Iranian pistachio kernels for export have a very high diversity.

Please note that Iranian “grade A” pistachio kernels for Australia means the kernels with green inside and purple skin color.
However, the product should be ready according to the type of consumption in Australia.

Export Quality Pistachio Kernels of Artin Co.

Export Quality Pistachio Kernels

Iran is known as one of the largest producers of pistachios along with the United States in world markets.
In recent years, the competition between the two countries has become very sensitive in terms of penetrating different markets.
In many countries, the amount of imports from Iran is lower than American pistachios.
But Iranian pistachios and pistachio kernels still have their own special buyers in many countries.

The diversity of pistachio kernel production in Iran leads to the existence of specific pistachio kernels for specific uses.
With this method, different production units and workshops buy pistachio kernels exactly according to their needs.
For example, suppliers of pistachio kernels for Australia produce purple skin and big size pistachio kernels for this market.
The following are some of the most important and main products and pistachio kernels for import from Iran.

Each of the pistachio kernels producing in Iran is using for special purposes.
Most of these products are using in factories and units producing sweets, cookies, meat products, and nuts stores.

Pistachio Kernels Wholesale to Australia

Pistachio Kernels Wholesale to Australia

Australia is one of the countries that have good trade and economic relations with Iran.
There are many buyers of Iranian products in this country.
Above all, nuts are exporting from Iran to Australia.

Pistachios, pistachio kernels, pistachio slices and slivers, barberry, and saffron are the best-selling Iranian products in Australia.
Pistachio kernels exporting to Australia are often selected from the best varieties.

If you need pistachios granule, 4 different quality and size grades are available in the Artin pistachio company.
All pistachio kernels in the Artin company are selling to customers after sorting with a laser device.
In addition, this company sorts all products manually to ensure.
With this method of production, no materials and wastes will be in the load.

Peeled green pistachio kernels are also separated by color using a color sorting machine.
These pistachio kernels are also available in 6 different codes and grades, 4 of which are whole-shape pistachio kernels and 2 of which are halved and broken pistachio kernels.

Close-Mouth pistachio kernels, which are also producing by a machine, can be ready for the market in different quality categories.
In the Artin production company, we try to supply the products with the best quality and in suitable packaging.

How to Export/Import Pistachio Kernels from Iran

How to Export/Import Pistachio Kernels

No special certificate or special analysis is necessary to export pistachio kernels from Iran to Australia.
Only the usual certificates for the export of pistachio kernels for shipments to Australia are in need.

To export pistachio kernels, all of the following documents must be ready for the buyer in Australia:

Form A (Certificate of Origin)
Packing List
Bill of Lading
Also, Phytosanitary Certificate

Each of these certificates has its own relevant organization.
Jehad-e-Agriculture representative issues the phytosanitary certificate at the customs.
The certificate of origin must be obtained from the Chamber of Commerce by the business card holder or its representative.
The shipping company gives the bill of lading to the buyer and seller of the product.
Finally, the seller should provide the rest of the documents on his official signed papers.

All of the above are necessary for clearance in Australia and the seller or exporter should provide all these documents and deliver them to the buyer.
For advice on exporting pistachio kernels to Australia, you can contact our partners at the Artin Nuts Production Company.

Price of Pistachios for Export

Price of Pistachios for Export

Artin Company is one of the exporters of pistachio kernels from Iran.
In this company, in addition to the production, sorting, and packaging of pistachio kernels, all customs affairs and formalities and obtaining certificates are serving the customers.

Various teams in this company are working on producing and increasing the quality of products.
The price of the pistachio kernel depends on several parameters.
The most important is the type of pistachio kernel and its quality.

On the other hand, the price of pistachio nuts and kernels are closely dependent on the current exchange rate. The reason for this is the export-oriented nature of these products.
For this reason, in periods when the price of the dollar (exchange rate of USD to IRR) fluctuates, the price of pistachio kernels also changes a lot (especially in Rials).

Variety in the product, offering different qualities, price of dollars and euros, supply and demand, and volume of pistachio products and pistachio kernels have a great impact on determining the price of these products.

In this regard, you can contact our partners in the sales department to receive a daily price list.
Also, you can wait for the call of our partners by completing the consultation and sales forms.

Also, you can visit the Artin Nuts Persian Website.

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