Pistachio Kernels to India | Iranian Nuts and Dried Fruits

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Pistachio Kernels to India

Pistachio Kernels to India | Iranian Nuts and Dried Fruits

The Artin Pistachio factory exports pistachio kernels to India. Purple-Skin Fandoghi pistachio kernels are among the Iranian nuts and dried fruits.

The best pistachio nuts and Iranian pistachio kernels are using to export to India.
Having a reasonable price is one of the competitive advantages in the Indian market.
Indian traders have high bargaining power due to a large number of sellers in the Indian market.

For this reason, they are always looking to communicate with the main manufacturers of the product.
Pistachio and its products have many buyers in the Indian market. In fact, there are various Iranian nuts and dried fruits that pistachio is one of them. As a matter of fact, pistachio nuts and kernels are among the most important Iranian nuts exporting to India such as Mamro almond.

Certain types of pistachio nuts and kernels are among the import items from Iran, some of which are coming to India directly and some through the UAE market.

In the following, we will take a closer look at the Indian market.

Import/Export of Pistachio Kernels to India

Import/Export of Pistachio Kernels to IndiaAs we know, Iran is the main producer of pistachio nuts and kernels in the world.
A large number of Iranian agricultural products are among the imports to India and many other countries such as UAE and China.

Iranian pistachio kernels need to have special characteristics for the Indian market.
Here are some of these features.

One of the characteristics of pistachio kernels is that the kernels need to be very green and colorful. In fact, the kernels should have green inside and purple skin.
Due to the use of pistachio kernels to decorate sweets and ice creams, the greenness of pistachio kernels is very important.

Of course, pistachios that are importing to India have other uses as well.
But the main consumption of pistachio kernels in India is these two works (using in ice-cream and using in sweets).

In India, we also see celebrations and festivals like Diwali.
During special holidays such as Diwali, we usually face an increase in imports to India.
Due to the use of pistachio kernels in sweets and ice cream, in addition to pistachio kernels, pistachio powder is also of interest to this country.

Artin Pistachio Production and Export to India

Artin Pistachio Production and Export to India

The Artin pistachio kernel company is one of the collections that have activities in the field of pistachio kernel production and processing.
Pistachio kernels are for export to different countries in the Artin pistachio workshops and factories.

Important features of this collection include the following:

  • Pistachio kernels will be processed and produced by customers’ orders and will keep their freshness well.
  • Due to the integration of sales and production stages, pistachio kernels can be purchased from this collection at the lowest prices.

According to these features, by buying from the Artin company, you can buy the best pistachio kernels at the lowest price.
However, you should pay special attention to the following point:

Due to the variety of pistachio kernels in the market, each type of pistachio should be compared with its similar type in terms of price.

In the purchase process, we must pay special attention to the quality of the Iranian pistachio kernel that we are importing to India.
Because we need to deliver the best product to consumers.

To consult and buy different types of pistachio kernels, you can easily contact the consultants of this company.

How to Buy and Import Pistachios Directly?

How to Buy and Import Pistachios Directly?

One of the important points along with pistachio kernel production is sending the pistachios to other countries.
There are certain and precise shipment methods and paths for pistachio kernels importing to India from Iran.

You may be wondering which way to export to India.
The route of sending pistachio kernels and their products from Iran to India is as follows:

  1. Almost all the producers send their cargos to Bandar Abbas port.
  2. In Bandar Abbas, loads are loaded and get ready for export.
  3. Shipments from Bandar Abbas are to the port of Nhava Sheva in India.

One of the main reasons for sending pistachio loads and pistachio kernels by sea is the low cost of shipment.
Due to the good relations of Indian traders with Iran, pistachio kernels should usually have good quality and price.

To buy and prepare pistachio kernels and their products, you can contact Artin pistachio kernel sales and export consultants.

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