Rafsanjan Pistachio Nuts and Kernels Wholesale

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Rafsanjan Pistachio

Rafsanjan Pistachio Nuts and Kernels Wholesale

Most of us know Rafsanjan Pistachio Nuts and Kernels as the best types and qualities of these products. Do you know how much is their wholesale price?

Rafsanjan is the oldest center for the production of pistachios in Iran.
Ahmad Aghaei and Koleghoochi pistachios are the most known types in this region.

Most of direct exports from Rafsanjan to other countries are doing in bulk.
India, Russia, Emirate and China are the main buyers in this region.

Rafsanjan Pistachio Varieties

Rafsanjan Pistachio Varieties

Rafsanjan city is one of the main centers of pistachio production in Kerman province.
This pistachio is in the category of the highest quality products in the field of pistachios nuts and kernels.

Rafsanjan produces various types of pistachios, but specializes in marketing two types in high volumes.
Ahmad Aghaei and Koleghoochi varieties have the highest amount of sales in Rafsanjan region.
After these types, Fandoghi has the highest sales amount in bulk.

Of course, with the production of Koleghoochi pistachio mainly in Sabzevar city in Khorasan Razavi province, the new pole of Koleghoochi pistachio can be this region of the country.
But the leader in the production, sale and export of Ahmad Aghaei pistachios is Rafsanjan.

Nogh region of Rafsanjan has Ahmad Aghaei pistachios with completely white skin, which is very suitable for export to countries such as India.
Also the kernels of this region are purple skin. Purple skin kernels are the best selling type in the wholesale market of pistachio kernels.

In the past, Rafsanjan city has been the center of trade for merchants and traders from different countries of the world.
Rafsanjan pistachios are well known in world markets and have a high sales volume.

Rafsanjan Pistachios Wholesale

Rafsanjan Pistachios Wholesale

Buying different types of pistachios from its main center always has many benefits.
But the pistachio field is such that it is not possible to buy the product directly from the farmer on the tree.

The reason for this is the need to process and dry fresh pistachios, which must be doing by pistachio recording terminals.
So, in better words, it can be said that dried pistachios should be seen after processing and peeling.

After seeing the load and calculating the ounce (size) and permissible percentages of the product, it is possible to buy it in bulk.
One of the most important advantages of buying pistachios in its production center is the reasonable price of the product.

On the other hand, when talking to the original owner of the cargo, there is a possibility of more discounts at the time of bulk purchase.
There are various pistachio recording terminals in Rafsanjan where farmers and pistachio owners dry and sort their products in these centers.

These centers are also good options for buying pistachios at the beginning of the season.

Iranian Pistachio Nuts Export/Import

Iranian Pistachio Nuts

As you are aware, a large volume of Iranian pistachios use for export to all parts of the world.
On the other hand, the price of this product is very closely related to the price of USD.

Pistachios are exporting from Rafsanjan to different countries (more than 32 countries each year).

Ahmad Aghaei Rafsanjan pistachios send to India, Russia, Kazakhstan and some European countries.
Rafsanjan’s Kalleghouchi pistachio nuts main market is mostly from Arab countries, including Lebanon.

Iran’s pistachio export market has been much more prosperous in recent years than domestic sales.

The main reason for this is the increase in the price of pistachios and its products. While the purchasing power of people inside Iran has been declining.
But pistachio exports are still booming, and various trading companies are shipping their products around the world.

For the export of pistachios, it is necessary to pay attention to various parameters that determine according to the standards of the target country.

  • Pistachio size (ounce)
  • Percentage of close-mouth
  • Percentage of slightly open pistachios
  • The amount of completely open pistachios
  • packing
  • Roasted or raw
  • Freshness and taste

Of course, some special cases such as aflatoxin emphasize only for certain countries, in this regard, you can contact the sales and trade unit of Artin production company.

Rafsanjan Pistachio Nuts and Kernels Wholesale Price

Rafsanjan Pistachio

The price of pistachios, as mentioned, is mostly cheaper than other wholesale centers in the production area.
For this reason, pistachio buyers from other countries also buy their desired product in person at the production center.

The price of pistachios in the first place depends on quality parameters.
The items mentioned in the previous section each affect the final price of pistachios.
In this regard, buyers randomly test and check several bags of the product when buying.

After determining the amount of parameters and matching it with the allowed percentage, the price should determine.
In addition to all this, the daily price of the dollar is also very effective in determining the price of pistachios.

That’s why many companies sell their products per US Dollars.

Artin production factory has been operating as one of the activists in this field since 2013.
To get the daily price to buy different types of pistachios, you can fill out the forms on the website or contact the sales unit.

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