Raw Jumbo Pistachio Bulk Sale

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Raw Jumbo Pistachio

Raw Jumbo Pistachio Bulk Sale

The largest sales volume of jumbo pistachio is raw and a small percentage of this amount is in the form of salty. Raw jumbo pistachio mostly exports from Iran to Germany, Lebanon and Australia in Bulk.

Kolleghoochi (Jumbo) pistachio is one of the most popular types in Iran’s pistachio in export market.
Lebanon, Ukraine, Switzerland and Canada are the main buyers of Iranian jumbo pistachios.

Kolleghouchi pistachio is one of the best-selling products in the Iranian pistachio market.

This type of pistachio, along with Akbari and Ahmad Aghaei pistachios, has a high volume of pistachio exports.
The Persian name of jumbo pistachio is Kalleghouchi. Also the Arabic name is RASOL KHAROUF (رأس الخروف).

Jumbo Pistachio Production

Jumbo Pistachio Production

There are many pistachio-producing provinces in Iran, but the bulk of production limits to three provinces.
Kerman, Khorasan and Yazd have the highest area under cultivation of pistachios.

Due to drought and soil poverty in Kerman province, many farmers have migrated to other parts of the country.

One of the target locations for pistachio production, which has been considered since the early recent 10 years, was various areas in Khorasan Razavi province.
Proper climatic conditions as well as rich soil causes a significant area under pistachio cultivation.

Given that it takes about 6 to 7 years to harvest pistachio trees, the products of this region have been released since 2017.

Due to the very good yield of pistachios in this region, we are witnessing an increase in production day by day.
One of the types of pistachios that are specially producing in Khorasan province in high volume is jumbo pistachio.
This type of pistachio harvests from very large orchards in Khorasan.

Fresh and Raw jumbo pistachio is very tasty and if the amount of bad shape and slightly open mouth is allowable, it is very suitable for export to the countries mentioned above.
Most of the volume of pistachio exports from Iran is raw. Obviously, Raw Jumbo Pistachio is one of them.

Kalleghouchi Pistachio Sale

Kalleghouchi Pistachio Sale

Since the price of Iranian pistachios is determining by the demand of the export market as well as the exchange rate, the volume of domestic sales of pistachios has decreased due to the decrease in people’s purchasing power.

That is why most of Iran’s Kalleghouchi pistachio are using for export to different countries.

Bulk jumbo pistachios often sale in 60 kg bags.

Of course, if this product is purchasing for export to EU countries, it must package in 10 kg vacuum cartons. The reason for this is to prevent the increase of aflatoxin fungi.

In the sale of kalleghouchi pistachio, there are parameters for some customers, especially Lebanese customers, some of which are briefly as follows:

  • Sort and uniformity of load
  • Large size
  • Lack of bad shape and slightly open pistachios in load
  • The percentage of close mouth is low
  • Remove pest-infested pistachios from the load
  • No heat in drying procedure of the load
  • Suitable packaging

If pistachio has the above conditions, it can offer at a very reasonable price in export markets.

Jumbo Pistachio Export Price

Export Jumbo Pistachio

Price is one of the important parameters along with quality that all traders pay attention to. Under no circumstances should quality be sacrificed for the price of a product.

Depending on the parameters stated above, different prices can be set based on deleting or adding a parameter.
For this reason, it is not possible to set a precise price on the load before seeing the load and specifying its parameters.
But in order to get a price that is almost certain but close to reality, you can now click on the image below to contact your consultants in “Artin” pistachio production Factory.

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