Tag - Raw Pistachio Price

When you are buying large quantity of pistachios, you can find better raw pistachio price when you buy directly from Iranian Nuts and dried fruit exporters.

Raw Pistachio Price in Iran depends on following parameters:

  • Size (Ounce) that shows how big or small is this nut?
  • Type: there are different varieties of raw pistachios with different prices:
    • Akbari (Super Long) Pistachios
    • Ahmadaghaee (Long) Pistachios
    • Fandoghi (Round) Pistachios
    • Kalleghouchi (Jumbo) Pistachios
  • Packaging: Obviously, Packaging affects the product’s price
  • Hygienic Standards
  • Order Quantity: When you are buying higher quantities, Suppliers can give you better prices