Round Pistachio Kernels | Iranian Nuts to Import

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Round Pistachio Kernels

Round Pistachio Kernels | Iranian Nuts to Import

Round pistachio kernels are the most common varieties of Iranian pistachio kernels. Wholesalers import nuts and kernels for foodstuff factories and nuts stores.

Round pistachio kernels are exporting to different countries at competitive prices.
Sales of this type of pistachio kernel are high due to its reasonable price.

Fandoghi (Round) pistachio is producing in different regions of Kerman and Khorasan Razavi provinces in Iran.
In fact, Fandoghi pistachio nuts are common in the market of Iran. Also, a high percentage of Iranian pistachio production relates to the round variety of this nut.

Close-Mouth Round Pistachio Kernels

Round Pistachio Kernels

Various pistachio factories and workshops crack pistachio nuts to produce pistachio kernels.
The main job of these production units is to crack pistachios and produce different types of pistachio kernels. Not only for the domestic market of Iran but also for exporting to different countries.

In these centers, different types of pistachio kernels with different quality grades are producing and marketing.
Of course, for each type of pistachio kernel and according to the size of kernels, the cracking devices must be adjusted by experts.
In this case, the purpose is to minimize the amount of granulated and crushed kernels.

After that, it is necessary to remove all foreign materials, especially broken skin (pistachio hard shells), from inside the load.
This is very difficult and time-consuming due to the small size of these wastes.

Some manufacturing units do this by laser-based color sorting devices.
Of course, manual sorting is also necessary to be sure.

All these processes take place in the Artin production company to prepare various types of pistachio kernels for export.
In addition, for the export of pistachio kernels, it is necessary to put the product in a suitable package according to the target market.

Round Pistachio Kernels Wholesale Center

Round Pistachio Kernels Wholesale

It is one of the main centers for planting and producing Fandoghi pistachios in Khorasan Razavi province.
Bardaskan city has allocated a very high area under cultivation of pistachios to Fandoghi variety.

Every year, Fandoghi pistachios are peeling and processing in high volumes in the pistachio recording terminals of these areas.
Of course, second-grade pistachio nuts and kernels of this product can also be found in abundance in the Khorasan market.
But after sorting pistachios and separating Open-Mouth pistachios from Closed-Mouth pistachios, the activities of pistachio kernel factories and workshops will begin.

Many industrial units in Khorasan Razavi province produce pistachio kernels.
The reason for this is the sharp growth of pistachio production in this province.
According to experts, due to the weather and abundant water conditions, this province will soon become the center of pistachio production in the country.

On the other hand, drought and soil poverty in Kerman province have caused many farmers in this region to start working in Khorasan Razavi province.
So that a high volume of pistachio grafts in Khorasan is related to pistachio orchards in Kerman and Rafsanjan.

Pistachio products to Import

Pistachio products to Import

Round pistachio kernels are one of the products that are very popular in international markets. But they are not the only common product of pistachios. In fact, there are various other pistachio kernels, slivers, powder, etc.

This product has a high sales volume in global markets due to its more reasonable price than other types of pistachio kernels.
Of course, Badami pistachio kernels are cheaper than this product, but they do not look good.
In other words, Badami pistachio kernels do not look good and turn black-skin; Although it is very green inside.

Badami pistachio kernels are also called green belly pistachio kernels.
This product is producing in a high volume in the Faizabad area of ​​Mahwalat in Khorasan province.

Round pistachio kernels are exporting/importing to the markets of different countries:

  • Russia
  • Iraq
  • Canada
  • Ukraine
  • Germany
  • China
  • Oman

Pistachio kernels are usually packaged in bulk according to customers’ requests.
But in the Artin company, pistachio kernels are often packaging and sending in 10 or 12.5 kg cartons.
The Artin company is a producer and exporter of pistachio nuts and kernels in Iran.
You can read more about Artin nuts company by clicking on the page link below:

Read More About ARTIN NUTS adnd DRIED FRUITS Co.

Purchasing Major Volumes of Pistachio Kernels

Purchasing Major Pistachio Kernels

There are several ways to buy bulk pistachio kernels for export.
But one of the important features to buy pistachio kernel is the freshness and taste of the product.
In other words, if a long period of time elapses from the time of production, the product will not have the necessary quality for import.
In order to solve this problem, in the Artin production company, high-volume mouth-watering pistachios are available.

At the time of ordering customers to buy pistachio kernels in bulk, the product enters the breaking process.
In other words, at the time of order registration, the product is provided to consumers in the latest possible form.
Because as long as the kernel is inside the pistachio, it has less contact with the air and stays healthier.

On the other hand, aflatoxin is not able to penetrate the hard skin of pistachios into it.
For this reason, it is the best option for importing pistachio kernels to countries that are sensitive to aflatoxin.

You can contact Artin sales or trading unit to receive advice on exporting/importing pistachio kernels and also to receive the current price.
Otherwise, you can fill out the relevant forms on the site so that the support unit can contact you.

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