Slivered Pistachios | Sliced Pistachio Kernels | Iranian Nuts

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Slivered Pistachios

Slivered Pistachios | Sliced Pistachio Kernels | Iranian Nuts

Slivered Pistachios are one of the Iranian pistachios products using in bakery and confectioneries. Artin co. exports sliced and slivered pistachio kernels and other nuts.

Now the question arises, what are the characteristics of best slivered pistachios and their slices?
What is the price of this product and what standards should observed for this product for export?

To answer the above questions, read on.
Also, if you have any questions regarding the export of slivered and sliced pistachios to your destination country, you can contact the export manager of Artin company by clicking on the image below:

Artinnuts ContactTo trade Iranian pistachios and pistachios products, you can contact Artin Dried Fruit Trading.

Different Slivered Pistachios Varieties for Import/Export

Slivered Pistachios

There is a great variety of pistachio products using in the export market, including the following:

  • In-Shell Pistachios Raw and Roasted (Also Salted or Saffron flavored) (in bulk or packaged)
  • Pistachio kernels (in different types of Green, Peeled, Purple Skin and etc.)
  • Powder of Pistachios
  • Pistachio slices and also slivered pistachios
  • Pistachio skin

And many other products that produces based on their specific consumer market.
Among these, in this article we want to talk about the slivered pistachios of Iran and especially its export from Iran.

Iran’s sliced and slivered pistachios have far more fans in the export market than the American ones.
The main reason for this is the very attractive green color of the Iranian slivered and sliced pistachios, as well as its very delicious taste.
Of course, the price of pistachio slices and its quality are varied, so different types are used for export.
Here are some common types of this product:

    • Qazvin Sliced and Slivered Pistachios
    • Buin Zahra Slivered and Sliced Pistachios
    • Kerman Pistachio Slivers

The above three types of products are the most well-known types of pistachio slices and slivers for export markets.

Many less experienced buyers and merchants of pistachio strips (slivers and slices) do not differentiate between Qazvin slivered pistachios and Kerman slivered pistachios, which is wrong.
In fact, the significant price difference between these two types of pistachio slices and slivers is definitely due to some reason, so this difference should consider in the wholesale market of Qazvin pistachio products and Buin Zahra.

Qazvin Slivered and Sliced Pistachios

Slivered Pistachios

Qazvin slivered and sliced pistachios have the greenest color and the best quality of taste.
The interesting thing is that Qazvin pistachio nuts are inherently brittle and full of oil.
This has led Qazvin pistachio kernel producers to conclude over the years that the use of this product to produce pistachio slices and slivers leads to a better sales market in comparison with its pistachio kernels.

The most expensive type of slivered pistachio in the market is Qazvin products.

Buin Zahra Slivered and Sliced Pistachios

Slivered Pistachios

The Buin Zahra region is not far from Qazvin, but its pistachios are less green (light green to white).
The characteristics of the taste and amount of oil and protein of this pistachio slice and sliver are not much different from the type producing in Qazvin, but the color of the pistachio slice of Buin Zahra pistachio is more white and yellow.

This difference in the color of the pistachio kernels of Qazvin and Buin Zahra causes the product of Qazvin production to have a higher price and the product of Buin Zahra production to have a lower price.
Certainly, in export markets that are looking for first-class slivered pistachio, Qazvin products are more suitable.

Kerman Slivered and Sliced Pistachios

Slivered Pistachios

The pistachio nut produced in Kerman is less used to produce slices and strips.
In fact, a pistachio nut should be green and coarse to make it suitable for slicing and slivering.
These features are less common in the pistachio kernels of Kerman, but we still see the production of very green and suitable pistachios in certain areas.
These types of pistachios, which are suitable for the production of slices, mostly use for export as nuts in the Kerman market, and slicing them is less considered.

However, Kerman slivered pistachios are generally in the quality category of Buin Zahra slivers.
The protein and fat content of Kerman pistachios are less than Qazvin and Buin Zahra.
The price of this type is also lower than during the other two types.

Perhaps, we can say that merchants are less familiar with Kerman Slivered and Sliced Pistachios.
The producers of Kerman are not very capable in selling this product in a strip and slice form.

Export/Import of Iranian Pistachio Products

Slivered Pistachios

Using pistachio slices to export to different markets requires different standards.
Certainly, the export product for European countries has a high level of health standards.
In contrast, slivered pistachios exporting to Russia or India are normal qualities but more affordable.

The main standard for exporting slivered and sliced pistachios to Europe is the Aflatoxin Standard.
of pistachio slices with this standard is not common in Iran, but it is possible and most well-known manufacturers produce this product by customer’s order.
The cost of pistachio sliver and slice is high with the permitted EU aflatoxin level.

Artin Pistachio Company performs all export processes until the product deliver to the destination country.

Packaging for Export/Import Slivered Nuts

Slivered Pistachios

When using pistachios for export, you need to consider the right packaging.

Pistachio slices usually not place in packages weighing more than 6 kg.
The high weight of the packaging causes the slices to pile up on top of each other.
The high weight of the slices on top of each other causes the slices to break and halve, especially during transport.

The best types of packaging for export are the following:

Pistachio slices place in 5 to 6 kg cartons.
Every 2 to 4 sliced ​​cartons place in a mother carton.

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