Special Pistachio Sale for India | Artin Long Pistachios

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Pistachio Sale for India

Special Pistachio Sale for India | Artin Long Pistachios

Obviously, You know that Long pistachios are the best for Indian market and among them, Ahmadaghaee pistachio sale for India is higher than all. Artin Co. is an exporter of pistachio nuts and kernels.

Ahmad Aghaei pistachios sell very well in India, especially on special days such as Diwali, which is in October and November.
Ahmad Aghaei Iranian pistachios with white skin are perfect in the Indian market. why? read this article to find out the answer.

What is the price of this type of pistachio in different sizes?

Iranian Pistachio Export to India

Pistachio Export to India

The large market of India is known as one of the main target markets of Iranian pistachios.

In the Indian market, pistachios and their products, including pistachio kernels, slices and powder, have many and varied uses.
On certain months, the volume of Iranian pistachio exports and sales in India increases.

One of the most important festivals in India is Diwali, which is to increase love and affection among the people.
During the few days of Diwali, all people buy sweets, chocolates, nuts, fireworks and gifts for each other.

These days, sellers of various goods, by creating glitter on their products, start selling them specially.
Iranian pistachio is one of the products that buys and consumes in large quantities by the people of this country during this Diwali celebration.

At other times of the year, Iranian pistachios and pistachio kernels buy/sell in the Indian market in lower quantities.

Which Type of Iranian Pistachios Export to India?

Pistachios Export to India

Iran, as one of the largest pistachio production centers in the world, has a great diversity in the field of pistachios.

Iranian pistachios are different according to the region, climate, primary seedlings, grafting and.. But most of the production relates to the following types:

  • Akbari Pistachio
  • Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei
  • Pistachio Kalleghouchi
  • Fandoghi pistachio
  • Badami Pistachio

Customers in India are not buyers of Round Pistachio at all. That is why Fandoghi and Kalleghouchi pistachios are not in demand in this market.
The most popular among Indians are pistachios that are in the Long Pistachio category. So, Long pistachio sale for India is the best choice.

If we want to classify these products in order of sales volume, first Ahmad Aghaei pistachio places.
In the next categories, Akbari pistachios and sometimes Badami pistachios are also sent to the Indian market.

Most of the pistachio exports from Iran to India are made raw. A very low percentage of products sell in the form of salt or saffron roasts in this market.

What are the features of pistachios for India?

pistachios for India

Indian traders are quite familiar with the pistachio market due to their many relations with Iran.
For this reason, they pay attention to many points in their purchase, and one of their important parameters in the bulk purchase is the price of pistachios.

Some of the most important features for selling Ahmad Aghaei pistachios and other types are:

  • The taste and freshness of pistachios
  • Absence of moths and pests in pistachio load
  • The shell of the pistachio is white
  • Permissible close-mouth rate (5%)
  • Desired size (ounces)
  • Proper packaging with labels

Pistachios are usually shipped to India in 50 kg bags, but in some cases customers apply to buy pistachios in 10 kg cartons.
If you are an exporter of nuts to India and you want to enter to the business of pistachio sale for India, you need to consider above parameters well.

Pistachios usually bought in medium and large sizes by Indian traders.

For example, the highest sales of Ahmad Aghaei pistachios in India are relate to 24-26 and 26-28 ounces.

Ahmadaghaee Pistachio Sale for India

Pistachio Sale for India

As fully explained in this article, the highest demand for Iranian pistachios in the Indian market is for Ahmad Aghaei pistachios.
Ahmad Aghaei pistachio produces in high volumes in different provinces of Iran, especially Kerman and Khorasan.

Pistachios sale for India is often made by Indian trading companies, chain stores and some oil and refinery companies.

Some Indian buyers from Iran, in addition to pistachios, also order Mamro almond kernels and do customs and shipping products in one container.

The route of sending pistachios from Iran to India is very cheap and in most cases it is done through the following route:

  1. Sending pistachios from Khorasan or Kerman to Bandar Abbas (by land)
  2. Shipping from Bandar Abbas, Iran to the port of Nhava-sheva or Mumbai in India (by sea)
  3. Delivery of product from Indian ports to the province and destination city in India (by land or rail)

In addition to the reasonable price, this route has a very short time.

To buy/sell Ahmad Aghaei pistachios in India, you can contact companies active in the field of pistachios in Iran.
One of the activists in this field that you are currently on its website is Artin Pistachio Commercial Production Factory.

Here you can make direct contact with Artinnuts sales and exports department: +989153627103

You can contact the sales and trade unit to receive the daily price of Ahmad Aghaei pistachios and other types.

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