Where to Buy Iranian Chopped Pistachios

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Iranian Chopped Pistachios

Where to Buy Iranian Chopped Pistachios

Do you know where to buy Iranian chopped pistachios in large quantities? Do you know how green and perfect is the Iranian slivered pistachios?

Iran is one of the most producers of pistachios. In fact, Iran and America are the main producers of pistachios in the world.
The main difference between Iranian and American pistachios is the green color and deeper taste of Iranian ones.
Obviously, You know that the green color is important for Iranian chopped pistachios.

Here, in this article, we tell you more about Iranian chopped pistachios (Slivered and Sliced pistachio kernels).

What are the main consumption of Iranian Chopped Pistachios?

Iranian Chopped Pistachios

Did you see Iranian pistachio slivers and slices in the market? It seems not that much.
As a matter of fact, pistachio slivers and slices using as a raw material for many foodstuffs to produce.
Some of the main markets for this product are:

  • Restaurants specially Iranian, Afghan and Arab restaurants
  • Ice cream production
  • Bakery and confectioneries
  • Candy and Chocolates
  • Packaging for chain stores to sell

Look at the point, The green color of this product affect the quality of final products significantly.
But, How to buy Green Chopped Pistachios? The first answer is Iran but Iran is a big country.

Where to Buy Iranian Green Pistachio Slivers and Slices?

Pistachio Slivers and Slices

The main production centers of pistachios in Iran are:

  • Kerman Province (Kerman, Rafsanjan, Sirjan and Zarand)
  • Khorasan Province (Bardaskan, Feyzabbad, Taybad and Sabzevar)
  • Yazd (Yazd, Harat, Ardakan)
  • Ghazvin (Ghazvin and Boein Zahra)
  • Semnan (Damghan)

These are the most known pistachio production centers in Iran. It means these are where you can find pistachios so much.
Know, Let us find the production centers of Green Slivered and Sliced pistachios.
If you are searching for green pistachio slivers, you should find the production centers of green pistachios between the above provinces and cities.

Green pistachio kernels can find in Kerman and Ghazvin more than anywhere else in Iran.
For chopped pistachios:

  1. First of all, Iranian producers use Ghazvin pistachio kernels
  2. The next choice is Kerman products

The greener kernels you have, the greener slivers you produce.
Therefore, Ghazvin chopped pistachios have higher quality in comparison with Kerman products.

Obviously, The price of Ghazvin pistachio slivers are a bit higher than kerman pistachio slices and slivers.

Artin Nuts Pistachio Slivers and Slices

Pistachio Slivers and Slices

Artin Company in Iran have factories and workshops producing high quality pistachio slices and slivers.
The green color and long shape of the slivers are the most important quality parameters.

There are other quality parameters for pistachio slivers as well:

  • The green color of all the slivers and slices
  • Uniformity of size and shape
  • Low moisture contents
  • No broken or crushed in the load

Obviously, There are other quality parameters for chopped pistachios but the above items are the most important ones.

Packaging is important as well. In fact, pistachio slivers need a good and safe packaging if not, they will broke and granulate during the transportation procedure or in shelves when you shake the package.

Any way, If you want to buy Iranian chopped pistachios in high quantity to import, you can make a direct contact to us in WhatsApp for further information.

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