Export of Pistachio Kernels to Iraq | Artin Iranian Pistachios

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Export of Pistachio Kernels to Iraq

Export of Pistachio Kernels to Iraq | Artin Iranian Pistachios

Export of Pistachio kernels to Iraq is a good business for Iranian nuts and dried fruit producers. The Artin company exports Iranian pistachios.

The bulk wholesale of pistachio kernels to Iraq from Iran have significant volumes.
Iran is exporting pistachio nuts and kernels to its neighbors in large volumes and in different quantities and qualities.

Most pistachio kernels are in use in Iraq to produce a variety of sweets (pastries and various confectioneries are the main markets).
Join us for more information on how to export pistachio kernels to Iraq.

In this article, we try to provide you with comprehensive information about the Iraqi market.
By the way, don’t forget about ice-cream makers in Iraq. In fact, they are a good market for low-price Iranian pistachio kernels.

Supplying Iranian Pistachio Kernels for Iraq

Supplying Iranian Pistachio Kernels for Iraq

Pistachio kernel production and export from Iran has been significant in recent years.
Exporting pistachios to Iraq has two sides. As a matter of fact, Iraq has 2 different markets for Iranian pistachio nuts and kernels.

  1. Exports to Iraqi Kurdistan include high-quality and expensive products.
  2. The export of pistachio kernels to southern Iraq and to other places, especially the cities of Baghdad, Karbala, and Najaf, includes cheaper pistachios.

Of course, these characteristics will not be %100, and different export loads in terms of price and quality will be exported throughout Iraq.

In Iraq, pistachios are using in various products such as sweets and ice cream.
In a way, the use of pistachio nuts in Iraq is very low and almost insignificant, and pistachios are mostly placed next to other products such as ice cream.

Pistachio powder and slices are using in confectioneries in different cities of Iraq.
Therefore, most of the exports of pistachio kernels to Iraq are using to produce sweets, ice cream, and other products.
The Artin company has special products producing only for the Iraq market based on the low-price and the suitable quality for this market.

Pistachio’s Quality for Iraq

Pistachio's Quality for Iraq

Exporting pistachios to Iraq has some characteristics, some of which we will mention below.

  • The price of pistachios
  • Green color inside pistachios
  • Packaging of pistachio nuts and kernels for export

Now let’s examine and analyze these above items together.

The prices of different types of pistachio kernels are different, so be sure to talk to the consultants of the Artin company for exporting and buying pistachios.

The green color of pistachios is important for Iraq.
Because pistachios are in use for decoration in sweets and ice cream and the green color of pistachios gives more quality to these foods.
In the following sections, we will tell you more about pistachios packaging for exporting to other countries.

Artin Pistachio Kernels Production

Artin Pistachio Kernels Production

Production and processing of pistachio kernels for export are one of the important parts of this process.
The Artin Production Company also tries to provide high-quality products at reasonable prices to you and other exporters.

One of the advantages of buying from this company is that when you buy from a producer and manufacturer, reasonable prices are more possible to achieve.

We hope that by producing and exporting high-quality products, we will be able to introduce and sell this valuable product to all the people of the world.

How to Export Pistachio Kernels to Iraq

How to Export Pistachio Kernels to Iraq

Exporting/importing pistachios to Iraq requires careful and little research and consultation.
Here we try to make you a little more familiar with the export of pistachios to Iraq.

Types of pistachio kernels for export to Iraq:

  • Faizabad pistachio kernel is one of the largest exports of pistachio kernels to Iraq and is suitable for export to this country.
  • Wheat-shape pistachio kernels are also available in Iraq for sale and export. When buying this pistachio kernel, we must carefully look at the quality and amount of waste of this product in order to buy and export the ideal product.
  • Pistachio slices and slivers are another export-quality pistachio product for Iraq that must also have characteristics.
    One of the characteristics of an ideal pistachio sliver and slice for export to Iraq is its green color and the absence of pests in it.

We also have to pay attention to some points for packing goods to Iraq.

    • Packages in 25 and 50 kg bags or 10 and 12.5 kg cartons are suitable for export to Iraq.
    • General bag packaging is usually in use for low-cost cargo and it’s more common for pistachio nuts.
      (Bags are not common for pistachio kernels)
    • Carton is also in use to export luxury goods to Iraq.
    • For longer shelf life of pistachio kernels, the sent loads can also be prepared in vacuum.

Due to the sensitivity of pistachio exports to Iraq, be sure to contact the sales and export officials of the Artin company.

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