Iranian Pistachios Wholesale for Ukraine

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Pistachios Wholesale for Ukraine

Iranian Pistachios Wholesale for Ukraine

Artin Pistachio Company is active in the field of Iranian Pistachios Wholesale for Ukraine. Not only raw pistachios but also Roasted and Salted pistachio nuts.

Raw pistachios in Ukraine, along with salt pistachios, have a very high import volume from Iran.
The price of pistachios in Ukraine is very competitive due to the high volume of imports and the sale of products at very reasonable prices is very high.

But what types of pistachios are us for export to Ukraine?

You can read more to learn more about Iran’s pistachio exports to Ukraine.

Iranian Pistachio Varieties for CIS Countries

Pistachios Wholesale for UkraineIran is one of the largest pistachio producers in the world, which ranks second in terms of production.

Iranian pistachios have different types, the most important of which are:

  • Akbari Pistachio
  • Kalleghouchi Pistachio
  • Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio
  • Fandoghi Pistachio
  • Badami Pistachio

There are other types of pistachios that we did not mention due to the low production rate.

Among the types mentioned, different countries that buy Iranian pistachios choose certain types.

Ukraine, as one of the main target markets for Iranian pistachios, buys two types of pistachios:

  • Kalleghouchi Pistachio
  • AhmadAghaei Pistachio

These two products have the highest sales in the market of different cities of Ukraine, including Kiev and Kharkiv.

Many pistachios, including Fandoghi pistachios, are not well known in this market.

Since the competitor of Iranian pistachios in the Ukrainian market is Greek pistachios, the highest amount of pistachio exports from Iran is related to Class B and Class C pistachios.

Class C pistachios mean Mechanical Open pistachios (MO) that are cheaper than natural pistachios (NO).

Class B pistachios are pistachios that are a combination of NO and MO, the percentage of which is determined by the order of Buyers.

Raw and Roasted Pistachios Wholesale for Ukraine


Since pistachios are often using alongside a variety of beverages in Ukraine, the consumption of high-salt pistachios is very popular.

For this reason, most of the orders for pistachios exported from Iran to Ukraine relates to salted pistachios.

Of course, some pistachio activists in Ukraine, who have the necessary experience and facilities in the field of roasting and processing, buy pistachios raw from Iran.

These people and companies in Ukraine themselves roast and salt pistachios.

In addition to Ahmad Aghaei and Koleghoochi pistachios, pistachio kernels also use in this country to produce cakes, sweets and other snacks.

Pistachio Packaging for CIS

Pistachios Wholesale for Ukraine

It is safe to say that more than 95% of Iranian pistachios Wholesale for Ukraine are in bulk.

If the importer of pistachios in Ukraine decides to buy raw pistachios from Iran, pistachios usually package and ship in 50 kg bags.

However, companies that do not have the facilities and field for processing and salting, often buy salted pistachios in 10 kg or 5.12 kg cartons from Iranian manufacturers.

To increase the shelf life of pistachios, some pistachio activists in Ukraine prefer to buy pistachios in vacuum from Iran.

How to Export Pistachios from Iran to Ukraine

Pistachios Wholesale for Ukraine

Due to the distance, most traders in this field buy at least one full container of 24 tons per order to reduce costs.

In many cases, these buyers put a combination of different products in a complete truck. For example, barberry, raisins or dates send to Ukraine along with Iranian pistachios.

The main and easier route for exporting pistachios from Iran to Ukraine is as follows:

After performing customs formalities and sealing the tent truck (or container), the cargo sends to Ukraine through Turkey.

In other words, it enters Turkey from Iran and enters Ukraine through the ports of Istanbul to the port of Odesa.

After that, it sends to the destination city, which is usually Kharkov or Kiev. And in the destination city, the affairs related to the clearance of goods should be done.

Pistachios Wholesale for Ukraine

Pistachios Wholesale for Ukraine

There are many pistachio sales centers in Kerman and Khorasan provinces. But it has always had many advantages to communicate with units close to the production center.

Especially in the high volume of purchases, the price can be very effective in the amount of purchases and continuity in the work.

Ahmad Aghaei and Kalle Ghouchi pistachios produce in both Khorasan and Kerman. But due to water shortages and soil poverty, many farmers in Kerman province, Hink, are creating pistachio orchards in Khorasan province.

As one of the activists in the field of nuts, Artin Production Group is ready to sign a contract with pistachio importers in Ukraine.

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