Iran’s Pistachios Import to UAE | Nuts and Kernels

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Pistachios Import to UAE

Iran’s Pistachios Import to UAE | Nuts and Kernels

Iran’s pistachios import to UAE in different varieties of nuts and kernels. Here you can make contact with best Iranian pistachio’s exporters.

The UAE, Lebanon, Russia, Germany, Iraq, China and India are the main buyers and Importers of Iranian pistachio nuts and kernels.
Iran is known as one of the largest producers of pistachios in the world.
More than 60% of Iran’s pistachios are exporting to all parts of the world.

Iranian Pistachio Nuts for Import to UAE

Iran is producing 3 main type of pistachios that is categorizing based on their shape.
Not only Iran is using these names for different varieties but also all the buyers know these names and categories:

  1. Long Pistachio Nut
  2. Round Pistachio Nut
  3. Jumbo Pistachio Nut

Long Pistachio Nuts

As you can easily understand from its name, Long shape is the feature of these pistachios.
There are two main types of pistachios that produce in Iran: Ahmadaghaee and Akbari pistachios.
Both types are perfect if you want to import pistachios to UAE.

Round Pistachio Nut

This type of Iranian pistachio nuts mostly use when you want to export pistachios from UAE to EU countries or China.
In fact, the small size of round pistachio nuts is not of interest to domestic UAE market.
Persian name of this pistachio nut is Fandoghi.

Fandoghi Pistachios Nut

Jumbo Pistachio Nut

If you are searching for a round shape of pistachios with large size, Jumbo pistachio would be your final choice.
Persian name of this pistachio is Kalleghouchi. Kalleghouchi in Arabic literally means “راس الخروف”.
Some countries such as UAE, Lebanon and Jordan are the main buyers of Jumbo pistachio in the middle east countries.
By the way, Germany is a known buyer of Kalleghouchi Persian pistachio nut.

Jumbo Pistachios Nut

Pistachio Kernels for Import to UAE

Pistachio Kernels Import

Given that Iran has a variety of pistachio production, this diversity also exists in pistachio kernels and may double.
Iranian pistachio kernels are producing in different quality grades and send to domestic and export markets.

The most important kernels of Iran’s export oriented pistachios are the following:

  • Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels
  • Green Pistachio Kernels
  • Purple Skin Pistachio Kernels
  • Slivered and Sliced Pistachio Kernels
  • Also Halved and Crushed Pistachio Kernels

These pistachio kernels have different qualities that can select based on the destination country as well as their consumption.

Import Pistachios to UAE

Pistachios Import to UAE

In order to Import Iranian pistachios, we must first consider the standards required by the destination country and then buy pistachio kernels in large quantity.
Because some countries only allow pistachio kernels and nuts that are free of any aflatoxin in their country.

For this purpose, after checking the standards of the destination country and the type of use of pistachios, it is necessary to select the appropriate variety.

After that, the pistachio enters the packaging stage, and after that it is necessary for the load to enter the customs and its declaration to be done.
After the customs procedures in Iran, which take less than 24 hours, the truck or container carrying the pistachios is ready to send.

In order to perform customs procedure and obtain certificates for export in the shortest possible time, it is better to contact reputable and well-known companies.

Pistachios Export Packaging

Pistachios Export

For import and export pistachio kernels, depending on the type, the type and weight of the packages must be specified.

For bulk pistachio kernel packaging, most customers choose one of the following 3 items:

  1. Bag (weighing 25, 30 and 50 kg)
  2. Plastic or fabric bags in carton (mostly 10 kg bags and cartons)
  3. Carton with vacuum

For markets for which packaging is not very important, bags of different weights are usually using for packaging.
But in countries where pistachio kernels are to be sold in bulk in the market, pistachio kernels need to be placed in 10 or 12.5 kg cartons. That are both easier to distribute and more beautiful in appearance.

For the pistachio kernels producing with low level of aflatoxin, the pistachio kernels must first insert into the plastic and vacuum by the nitrogen gas device. It will then palce in a carton.

If the pistachio kernel is not vacuumed, the chances of the fungus growing among the pistachio kernels are high, which is more common in marine shipments.

Wholesale Pistachios

Wholesale Pistachios

In recent years, in addition to Kerman, Khorasan province is also known as one of the poles of pistachio production in export markets.
Iran’s pistachios are often exporting from one of the two provinces.
In both provinces, all kinds of Akbari, KalleGhouchi, Ahmad Aghaei, Fandoghi and also Badami pistachios are producing.

Farmers usually give their pistachios to processing factories that they call it “Pistachio Terminals” in Persian.
Communicating and receiving samples from these centers is the best option for choosing and buying pistachio kernels.

Artin Pistachio Factory is known as one of the activists in this field in the market. You can contact the sales experts right now to get the price information of the products.

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