Organic Berberis Vulgaris Fruit Production for Export/Import

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Organic Berberis Vulgaris Fruit

Organic Berberis Vulgaris Fruit Production for Export/Import

Organic Berberis Vulgaris fruit has a good market in European countries. Iranian organic barberry production for export/import.

The subject of this article is the production of high-quality organic Berberis Vulgaris fruit for export purposes.
You can find many articles about regular barberries on this website ( We have also written in detail about how to distinguish high-quality barberry from low-quality barberries and the characteristics of high-quality Berberis Vulgaris fruits.

Of course, many barberry producers, focus in Iran is to produce regular qualities of barberry fruits.
So far we have no problem in the production of Organic berberis Vulgaris fruits but the more time passes the more farmers use pesticides in their orchards to improve your production volume.

If you want to know more about the barberry product itself, you can check out this article on our website:

Iranian Barberries – Berberis Vulgaris Dried Fruit – Zereshk

But this topic is about producing organic Berberis Vulgaris fruit for export from Iran and import to other countries. It is very clear that export-quality barberry must have certain characteristics. And some standards must be observed for it, both in terms of quality and packaging.
Below we discuss the important characteristics of barberry for export and its organic nature.
This article is about Artin Iranian Zereshk productions.

Why Should We Buy Organic Barberries?

Buy Organic Barberries

Science and medicine have provided unparalleled services to human society.
The average age of human life up to a century ago did not exceed 30 years. This knowledge has been so influential in all aspects of life, especially health, that there are now fewer countries where life expectancy has not been at least 70 years.
This issue has been worthwhile in other scientific aspects as well.

Of course, all good aspects of science and knowledge may have some minor side effects. For example, it is true that pesticides improve the health of orchards and fruit trees, make crops more fertile, and fewer pests, but the penetration of these chemicals in fruits and other foods is inevitable.

What Barberries Are Organic?

organic barberries

According to USDA standards, when a product is organic, it must not have the following:

  • Growth hormones
  • Genetic engineering
  • Antibiotics
  • Artificial ingredients
  • Not exposed to radiation (Irradiation)
  • Most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides
  • Sewer sludge fertilizer
  • Many synthetic additives

Organic barberry production is no exception to this general rule. In fact, an organic Iranian Zereshk Should not contain the above ingredients.

The consumption of organic products and wealth in a country

With the rising standard of living and the well-being and health of the people, people now want to eliminate the same potential harms of using chemical fertilizers and pesticides from their lives and have a healthier life.
Of course, this step is not easy. Fertilizers and pesticides are low-price and are available everywhere in every country.

But if we want to produce fruit or products that are healthy without the use of these chemicals they will naturally be expensive. That’s why you see these organic barberries and other products more in affluent countries.

Does non-organic mean unhealthy?

As mentioned above, being organic does not mean that it is completely healthy, or non-organic does not mean completely unhealthy products.
It is only one step higher, and those who care more about their health have turned to it.
That is why in prosperous countries of Europe and North America, the use of organic products is more. Those who produce organic berberis Vulgaris fruit can look at these countries as target markets.

Production of Organic Berberis Vulgaris in Iran

Organic Berberis Vulgaris

South Khorasan province of Iran is the main production center of red barberries. Of course, not all barberries that are producing in this province are in the category of organic barberry production. Like all other agricultural products, a farmer must be determined to grow fruits without the use of fertilizers, growth hormones, or pesticides.

Sometimes it takes courage to produce organic barberries. Because organic products usually do not have the beauty and appearance of non-organic fruits. Buyers may not want to buy it while they are more beneficial for health.
But there are Iranian Zereshk orchards that only produce organic barberries and meet the needs of those customers who are in favor of organic Berberis Vulgaris fruit.

In fact. There are always buyers for organic products because the production amount is really lower than its demand.

Exports of Agricultural Products from Iran

Exports of Agricultural Products

In the first step, we discuss exports of agricultural products from Iran; And in the next step, we discuss barberry exports.

In recent decades, due to political problems, Iran’s exports have faced major problems. Many Iranian businessmen and exporters, in addition to finding foreign customers, must also look for ways to circumvent sanctions of America against Iranian Financial transactions.

Problems with the return of money, insurance, transportation, and sanctions on shipping are always occupying the minds of exporters and kept them away from the main business, which is exports. With all the problems, the exporters are trying their best to find a solution.

Export of Organic Berberis Vulgaris Fruit

Organic Berberis Vulgaris Fruit


After all the discussion about exports and the issue of the organic nature of a commodity, now it is time to ask whether the production of organic barberry as an export commodity is justified or not?
And more specifically, is there a market for Iranian organic barberry?

In the case of red-seedless barberry, we have to accept the fact that it is unfortunately unknown in the world.
Therefore, currently, the volume of barberries exporting to other countries is not that much. Buyers of organic barberries of Iran are Germany, Russia, Turkey, Iraq, Canada, Poland, etc.

Artin barberry production company is producing various types of Iranian berberis Vulgaris fruits.
Organic barberry is one of them.
Let us tell you more about Artin barberry varieties in the next topic

Artin Berberis Vulgaris Fruits

Artin Berberis Vulgaris Fruits

The Artin company has long time experience in barberry gardening, harvesting, processing, and export.
The dried barberries in this company divide based on 2 main parameters:

  1. The appearance of the barberries
  2. The quality of the barberries

Artin Barberry Varieties based on the Appearance

There are 2 main categorize of dried barberries in wholesale markets of Iranian Zereshk:

  1. Dried Puffy Shape Barberries
  2. Dried Pomegranate Seed Shape Barberries

Artin Barberries Varieties based on the Quality

If we are discussing Iranian barberries (Zereshk), we can categorize them as the following according to the production quality:

  1. Regular Barberries: These barberries harvest from all orchards and there is no test of pesticides
  2. Healthy Barberries: The pesticides in these barberries are less than 0.05 mg/kg when we test the final product
  3. Organic Barberries: The pesticides in these barberries are less than 0.01 mg/kg when we test the final product

1if you have any further information you can make a phone call now:

Or if you need the update of test results, you can message us to send you photos of the products and test results on social media easily:

What are the uses of Iranian Barberries?

uses of Iranian Barberries

Most barberries are using for their medicinal properties. It is also using as a seasoning for food and sweets. Of course, barberry has other uses as well, including the production of liquor and beverages.

If you need advice on buying barberry and its products such as barberry concentrate and barberry jam, contact us.
Ask us for the daily price of barberry.
To learn more about barberry varieties and specifications of high-quality export barberry, also read more articles about Iranian barberries on the Artin website.

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