Pistachio Kernels to Import | Iranian Artin Pistachio Nuts

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Pistachio Kernels to Import

Pistachio Kernels to Import | Iranian Artin Pistachio Nuts

Do you know all varieties of pistachio kernels to import? The Artin company produces almost all types of Iranian pistachio nuts and kernels.

Big size and high-quality pistachio kernels are in use for export/import to different countries.
Each buyer of pistachio kernels is looking for a specific type of this product.
In other words, the pistachio kernel has many and various uses.

This issue, along with the production of various pistachio kernels in Iran, increase the sales of this product.
Pistachio nuts, kernels, slivers, slices, and pistachio powder are the main pistachio products.
Obviously, there are other pistachio products such as pistachio butter that are not that widely known in all the markets.

Iranian Pistachio Kernels Varieties to Import

Iranian Pistachio Kernels Varieties to Import

Iran is one of the largest countries in the field of pistachio production and processing.
Pistachio kernels are available in different types and varieties.
A special pistachio kernel is in use for various activities.

Here we want to name the types of pistachio kernels for you. In fact, these are the most common varieties in the market that you can buy directly from the Artin pistachio company.

  • Green pistachio kernels
  • “KUL” or “Unripe” or “Immature” pistachio kernels
  • Pistachio granules
  • Halved and crushed pistachio kernels
  • Close-mouth pistachio kernels
  • Wheat-shape kernels
  • Peeled pistachio kernels

There are differences between these pistachio kernels.
Usually, each pistachio kernel has its own consumption. If you want to buy pistachio kernels to import, you need to know the exact consumption and the suitable variety for this consumption.

Due to the high variety of pistachio kernels available in the market, it is definitely recommended to buy the best pistachio kernels based on your needs in consultation with skilled people.

The sales and export consultants of Artin company can guide you in this matter and offer you the best options.

High-Quality Pistachio Kernels Wholesale

High-Quality Pistachio Kernels Wholesale

Production and processing of high-quality pistachio kernels are one of the important points in getting a quality product to the consumer.
The Artin company is one of the collections that produces and sells pistachio kernels.

The advantages of this company include the following:

  1. The product is always fresh and high-quality due to the fast sale of the products of this company in the market.
  2. Due to the integration of production and sales in this collection, you can buy your pistachio kernels at the lowest price.

Of course, you should note that the price of each pistachio’s product is according to its quality and type.
Due to the types of pistachio kernels and their various uses, the Artin Company sales consultants can help you buy an ideal product.

First-Class Iranian Pistachios to Import

First-Class Iranian Pistachios to Import

Iran is one of the largest producers and exporters of pistachio kernels and its products.
Iran is in second place in the field of export of this valuable product.

Iranian pistachio kernels are tastier than other types of pistachio kernels in other countries.
This is due to the very favorable climate of Iran.
Iran has long had serious and important activities in the field of pistachio production and processing.
For this reason, Iranian pistachios can now be seen and bought in all markets of the world.

There are different types of pistachio kernels that are using for export/import. And here you can check out some of the Iranian pistachio kernels using for export from Iran and import to your country.

Normal Pistachio Kernels:

The naming of common types of these pistachios depends on the type of consumption and the reason for this consumption.
Sometimes, buyers need pistachio kernels of a certain type of pistachio nut (Fandoghi, Ahmadaghaei, Akbari, etc.).

The following are some of the common types of pistachio kernels.

  • Whole-shape pistachio kernels
  • Wheat-shape pistachio kernels
  • Pistachio granules
  • Also, Pistachio powder

Green pistachio kernels:

As the name implies, this pistachio kernel is green. As a matter of fact, pistachio kernels are greener when the pistachio is not completely ripe and mature.

The green color of the inside of these pistachio kernels, while still having white skin, has made this pistachio kernel popular.
This pistachio kernel has many uses for confectionery and decoration due to its green color.

There are other pistachio kernels for export that we only mention their names here for your information.

  • Green peeled pistachio kernels
  • Wild pistachio kernels
  • Organic pistachio kernels

Due to the fact that each type of pistachio kernel is for use in the production of a specific product, we must be very careful in our purchases.
In this regard, the sales and export consultants of Artin Collection can help you.

Finally, we hope that we can introduce and offer this valuable product to all the world.

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