Pistachio Wholesale Website | Artin Iranian Pistachios Exporter

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Pistachio Wholesale Website | Artin Iranian Pistachios Exporter

Pistachio Wholesale Website | Artin Iranian Pistachios Exporter

The Artin pistachio wholesale website is a different B2B website working on exporting/importing Iranian pistachios. Artin is an exporter.

There are many Iranian exporters that are exporting Iranian pistachio products to all around the world. And this product is well-known almost in all the countries.

The Artin is one of the major wholesale websites of pistachios with international certificates belongs to the Artin pistachio company in Iran.
Of course, each country needs special variety, quality, and standard of pistachio or its products and here you can see the importance of a B2B website working only on pistachio business.

But in this article, there is general information about pistachio exports/imports from Iran.
The issue of exports is completely different between each country, especially for countries that require special health certificates.
In this regard, various specialized information has been placed on the official website of Artin pistachio nuts and kernels.

Best Iranian Pistachios for Export

Best Iranian Pistachios for Export

If we want to name the best type of pistachio, we will refer to Rafsanjan pistachios.
Pistachios such as Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari, Kalleghouchi, and Fandoghi can be the best pistachios in this city.

But the important point is that this issue is completely different for export and we do not have a certain variety or type of the best pistachio for export. So if you visit a pistachio wholesale website and you see all the news and advertisements for the best pistachios, you need to know that it might be wrong about your market.

For example, some countries, such as Germany, like and buy high-quality pistachios according to health parameters.
But on the other hand, a country like Spain buys cheaper pistachios.
Or in a country like India, because of the use of pistachios in sweets and ice cream, purple skin pistachio kernels with green color inside are of interest.

In general, it’s better if we say that there is a specific variety (and quality) of pistachios suitable for each country.
In addition to these issues, we must also pay attention to the purchasing power of consumers in that country.
Of course, in some countries, health certificates and low levels of pistachio aflatoxin are important to them.

Due to these issues, you can contact the sales and export consultants of Artin company and get more information.

We hope that by choosing the best type of pistachio and offering it to other countries, we will be able to acquaint people all over the world with this valuable product.

Do you know Natural and Mechanical Open Pistachio Differences?

Do you know Natural and Mechanical Open Pistachio Differences?

One of the most common questions about pistachios is the difference between natural-0pen pistachios and mechanical-open ones.
Both of these varieties are available in the Artin pistachio wholesale company and you can read more about them here on this website.
These two types of pistachios have three main differences. And you need to know these differences when you want to buy them from a pistachio exporter.
We will mention these three differences below.

  • Quality
  • Appearance
  • Price

Pistachio crop after harvest is divided into two categories.
The first category is pistachios that have a closed mouth and you can’t see the kernel inside them.
Another category is opened mouth pistachios, which are natural open or NO.

Pistachio kernels weigh more than 52 grams in every 100 grams of in-shell pistachios when they are naturally open.

Because the tree has not been able to bring some pistachios to this weight, Closed-Mouth pistachios are also present along with natural open pistachios.

These Closed-Mouth pistachio kernels are in use for two purposes:

  1. At first, cracking them and producing pistachio kernels in different varieties and qualities.
  2. At second, opening them and producing MO (mechanical open) pistachios.

Generally, close-mouth pistachios of one tree are smaller than the open-mouth ones. That’s the first reason for the lower price of these close-mouth pistachio nuts.

So when you check a pistachio wholesale website for the prices of different pistachios and you see some close-moth pistachio offers, they should be cheaper than Natural-Open pistachio nuts.

In general, it can be said that the appearance and quality of natural-open pistachios are better and on the other hand, its price is higher than mechanical-open pistachios.

For advice and purchase of pistachios or its products, you can contact the sales consultants of the Artin company.

Pistachio Wholesale Website | Online Purchase

Pistachio Wholesale Website | Online Purchase

Most of the Iranian pistachios are using for export from Iran.
Pistachio is one of the valuable and strategic products and therefore its export is of great importance.

Many countries buy and consume Iranian pistachio nuts and kernels. Buyers in these countries search for each pistachio exporter that can export this product to their countries to be their supplier.

But in the meantime, some countries buy a very large volume of Iranian pistachios and are the main buyers of Iranian pistachios. And some others have a lower quantity purchases.

The following countries can be the most important buyers of Iranian pistachios.

  • Germany
  • Iraq
  • Kazakhstan
  • Emirates
  • India
  • Spain
  • Russia

Statistics show that Germany has the highest purchase volume among the top 7 countries.
The country purchases approximately 3,000 tons of pistachios from Iran each year, which is worth about $40 million.

Meanwhile, Germany is not only the largest buyer of Iranian pistachios, but also buys the best and highest quality pistachios, and pistachios over $ 13 are exporting to this country.

But on the other hand, countries like Spain, although they have a high volume of purchases, generally prefer pistachios with lower quality and more reasonable prices.

You can contact the Artin company sales and export consultants for advice and purchase of pistachios and its products.

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